Morning Reads: No New American Cardinals, Boehner Challenged, RIP SS


Pope names 15 new cardinals, no Americans


Tea partyer set to challenge Boehner
American Airlines, pilots reach union deal
“Saddest day of my life”
Obama’s shift on trade angers Democrats


DeKalb task force makes recommendations
Wife of Peachtree City police chief in improved condition
Medical marijuana gaining support


Smoltz may be first-ballot Hall of Famer
Farewell to Stuart Scott
The demise of the SEC?


  1. Ed says:

    I’ve never understood how Tony Barnhart gets paid so much money to write, what could be described in the most absolutely charitable terms as trite truisms.

    • Jon Richards says:

      If you read the story, it actually is talking about more than just CBD oil. Unlike last year’s bill, this year’s version of Rep. Peake’s bill could include use or testing of traditional marijuana.

  2. xdog says:

    Friday, your Atlanta Hawks moved into first place in the Eastern Conference for the first time since Dec. 27, 1997.

  3. blakeage80 says:

    Funny that the tea party challenge story comes form our local sports talk station. I’m sure Jeff Dantzler will be covering it in depth this afternoon.

    • androidguybill says:


      This is right-wing agitprop backed by the usual suspects, folks on the payroll of the oil industry. This line in particular is hilarious: “Rather than supporting basic research to make America’s energy future better, the Obama administration had attempted to buy market share with an unproven technology – and lost. Big time,”

      These folks on one hand oppose basic research into alternative energy, calling it “enviro-communism” and state that we need to be “all in” on proven, cheaper fossil fuels via deregulation, tax credits and you name it, claiming that any and all alternative energy research should come from the private sector energy companies. Except that – of course – the only private sector companies with the resources to do this type of research JUST HAPPENS to be oil companies, the last people to have the incentive to make any real breakthroughs in alternative and renewable energy. So for these people to NOW CLAIM that Obama has been the reason why basic research is nonexistent shows how they are a bunch of unserious carnival barkers they are. Especially since federal funding of basic research has collapsed ever since the Cold War. Without the need to compete with the Soviets, the demise of our federal research apparatus has been bipartisan: Republicans preferred tax cuts and the Democrats preferred social programs. The dust had not yet disappeared from the fall of the Berlin wall before the first big research project – the super conducting super collider – was ended. (It was ultimately built by CERN thanks to the Euro-socialists who were actually willing to pay for it.) All the stuff that used to be funded by DOE, DOD, NASA, NSF … gone.

      The reality: this is only a boondoggle if you sign a deal with a crook. In other words, the same as any industry. Also, the people who get these panels aren’t doing it to lock in lower utility rates for the next 30 years as the article claims. Instead, most of them are doing it because they believe that it helps the environment, and also in the hopes that it will give the domestic solar power industry a shot in the arm.

      The folks fighting this aren’t concerned about protecting the consumer or the economy. If they were, they would have stood against the subprime nonsense and the derivatives trading that took down the 2008 economy. And they also aren’t against tax credits and subsidies, because if they were, they would start with the ones that the fossil fuel industries get. Instead, the folks bankrolling opposition to this are the oil (and similar) companies trying to keep solar power from gaining the foothold in America that they already have elsewhere.

      So of course Georgia Power opposes this. Why? Georgia Power likes things they are just fine: with a monopoly granted and supported by a huge bipartisan majority that allows them to pretty much charge whatever they want and provide whatever level of service they choose to and name their own profits. That is why Georgia taxpayers are on the hook for whatever overruns that the Savannah nuclear plant will incur (a project that is already billions over budget and will start operations 3 years – and counting – past what was initially promised … taxpayers/ratepayers will spend more for that project than they will for the new Falcons stadium, Braves stadium, the Atlanta streetcar and Solyndra COMBINED yet no one on the right wing is saying a peep about it because it is not a solar or windmill project … Debbie Dooley’s TEA Party group did sling a few darts their way, but nothing compared to the energy and sustained effort that went into defeating T-SPLOST ).

      Now Harry I admit that “we aren’t there yet” with alternative energy, but the folks behind stuff like this are doing their level best to pretend that we will never get there. Cheap, reliable solar energy (as well as high capacity batteries capable of storing the energy generated) deployed on a mass scale would slice the price of oil in half and do so permanently. Which is exactly why the oil companies fund agitprop efforts like this, and on things like the Keystone XL pipeline, which requires oil to remain over $65 a barrel. The oil companies need you to A) use as much oil as possible while B) paying as much for it as possible, so using solar panels to run your HVAC in the summer (and even during sunny but still cold days in the winter) isn’t in their economic agenda. So they dump all this nonsense in the right wing media to convince you that it isn’t in YOUR economic agenda either.

      Again, either a major breakthrough in solar panel technology OR in battery technology would send oil prices and oil company stock prices on a nosedive. So these folks are doing their level best to stop (or at least delay) that from happening by convincing people that being against new technology was somehow conservative. That sad part is that they have mostly succeeded, because if it weren’t for the advancements in solar done by the Chinese, it wouldn’t have advanced at all. I was hoping that Israel – which is becoming an R&D power – would step up and fill the gap on solar and alternative energy, but now that Israel has discovered a massive natural gas reserve, they aren’t going to have an incentive to do so either.

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