Georgia’s Delegation Heads to Washington

Congress get underway on Tuesday, and the newest members of Georgia’s delegation are already marking the occasion. 11th District Congressman-Elect Barry Loudermilk welcomed local supporters to Washington on Sunday for swearing in ceremonies:

Meanwhile, in Savannah, 1st District Congressman-Elect Buddy Carter held a ceremonial swearing-in on Sunday. According to the Savannah Morning News, Carter, who previously served as a state senator and mayor, talked about what he expected to find once he got to Washington:

Carter said the troubles that the country faces, such as national debt, unemployment and health care crisis, are a mess, but he is confident that America is still a great nation and he will remain true to the citizens he represents.

“A number of people have told me, ‘Now Buddy, when you get up there don’t you drink that water, don’t you get that Potomac fever, don’t you change,’ and let me assure you that will not happen,” he said. “… We’ve got a mess there is no question about it. We’ve got a lot of challenges in this world and a lot of challenges in this county, but America is still great. It’s still great because we still have God and we have God’s blessings and where there is God there is good.”

Carter intends to focus on fiscal responsibility during his first term. The man who preceded him in Congress, Jack Kingston, spoke at the ceremony, urging Carter to listen to his constituents. And, he told those present to let Carter know what was important to them, but that “he can’t vote with you every single time, but you still need to always support him.”