2015 Legislative Survey

Last week I emailed the following survey about the upcoming Legislative Session to my constituents. I received a lot of valuable feedback from them about the issues I raised in the survey.

I thought I’d now open it up to everyone here on Peach Pundit. If you’d like to take the short 12 question survey, click here.

Throughout the week I’ll post some of the preliminary results, then post the final results on Friday.


  1. jpm says:

    I personally applaud you for asking your constituents what THEY think. You folks do not get our ideas through osmosis except every other year so we have to talk. In the past I gave our House and Senate Representatives a written list of what was important to our family – we recently moved from the 20th to the 7th Ga. House District and I have not yet given a list to Mr. Ralston – on my to do list :>. Thank you and to the numerous other legislators that make the extra effort to go ask what is important to us and not just rely on the lobbist gauntlet you run in our Capital.

  2. Lea Thrace says:

    More of this Buzz (opening your ear to YOUR constituents). Less of the stuff meant for the idiot files (trying to pass laws in search of a problem).

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