Georgia Health Exchange Sign Ups Look Promising

Georgia decided not to set up a state exchange, so we’re using a Federal one, so comparing us against the states like Kentucky isn’t a grand plan. But given those restrictions, we are doing very well:

Of the 187,654 Georgians picking plans for 2015, roughly 55 percent of them, or about 103,000, were signing up for the first time. The rest had previously gotten coverage for 2014, which was Year One of the Affordable Care Act exchange.

Georgia’s total is the fourth-highest among the 37 states that have an exchange run by the federal government. Only Florida, Texas and North Carolina have enrollment totals exceeding Georgia’s, and Florida and Texas are far more heavily populated than the Peach State. (Georgia and North Carolina are roughly equivalent in population.)

More people having health insurance is a good thing. Let’s revel in it.



  1. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

    “More people having health insurance is a good thing. Let’s revel in it.”

    At worst, a sophism, at best,a harmful generalization.

    I want EVERYONE to have real health insurance, let’s start with that premise. However, the BRONZE level ACA plan, which may be subsidized from Federal bucks, is almost like real insurance, but not really.

    I appreciate the sentiment Stefan, but I suggest you may fail to educate your readers with such cursory comments.

    Oh and if you have REAL insurance, grab your ankles because that soon will be called a CADILLAC plan and you will be charged a premium for having the privilege of paying for real health insurance.

    Glad we have people getting enrolled, glad we have something, but this is not something to ‘revel’ about.


    • Stefan says:

      Well, the base level “Bronze” plan is way better than many of the substandard insurance plans that existed before the ACA mandated minimum (or, as you might put it, minimal) levels of coverage. And going from being uninsured to insured, even if that coverage isn’t the best is good.

      I’m sad that NYE seems to have meant the end of your revelry. Or did you remind everyone that midnight was not a proper occasion to mark with kissing and fireworks because it meant only a change in the hour from the previous and it was still 2014 in Alabama?

      • Ghost of William F. Buckley says:


        Most specialists won’t take new ‘caid patients because misfiling paperwork could lead to denial of all future claims AND the reimbursement given is below the cost of service rendered. It is better to offer charitable care.

        The BRONZE plan being better than another pre-
        ACA crappy plan shows me you care not for this craft.

        As for your oblique, yet puerile, attempt at a slam – Facts are a dangerous thing, lad.

        Be well, you are helping Peach Pundit race its’ way to irrelevance.

          • Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

            How about starting with indigent care?
            How about making it a crime to show up at the hospital with a gunshot wound and no insurance?
            How about making it hard to show up at the emergency room as a primary care visit?

            So many places to start, and pol red herrings like ‘single payor’ is not one of them.

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