Mr. Loudermilk Goes To Washington

Republican Congressman Elect Barry Loudermilk seems to be all set to assume his new responsibilities as Congressman Phil Gingrey’s successor from Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. The former State Senator from Cassville, GA discusses his transition experiences in a recent interview with the Marietta Daily Journal. Congressman Elect Loudermilk uses various personal anecdotes to narrate his newly acquired experiences in the nation’s capital. He particularly highlights an encounter he had around Capitol Hill while dressed in regular clothes:

“One of the plain-clothes officers with the dignitary protection force sees me on the sidewalk, comes up and starts walking with me. I said, ‘How are you doing today?’ And he said, ‘Good, Congressman. How are you doing?’ … I’m just thinking, ‘Now, how did he know this?’ I’d never seen this guy before.

“So I said, ‘It’s getting a little bit chilly, isn’t it?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, not like Georgia weather, is it?’ Well, I started talking to some of the guys on the nightshift that night, and they said they’d been studying the pictures of all the new members to recognize them by their face,” Loudermilk said.

The Congressman Elect also wants to bring private sector efficiency into the functioning of his office. He uses business metaphors to describe his office setup and staffing. Loudermilk views his D.C. office as the “operations center” with his campaign manager, Rob Adkerson, as the Chief of Staff or “CEO.”

On the other hand, Loudermilk describes his district offices as centers of “customer service and marketing.” He plans on setting up three offices in the district so as to ensure that every constituent is within a 20 minute radius of each office. Loudermilk has also tapped former Georgia State Bank CFO, Caric Martin to serve as his District Director. Martin will be tasked with overseeing all three of Loudermilk’s district offices.

Loudermilk has also hired Shawna Mercer, a Georgia Senate press office aide, as his Communications Director. Mercer will mainly work out of the district offices as Loudermilk asserts “it’s all about the district” for him and his office staff.

Congressman Elect Barry Loudermilk will be officially sworn in on January 6th. A group of “Team Loudermilk” supporters will be heading to Washington, D.C. from the campaign office in Woodstock to join in the festivities surrounding the inauguration ceremony. Here’s wishing Congressman Elect Loudermilk and his staff all the very best as they enter this new chapter!


  1. Edward Lindsey says:

    Good luck to Barry, his family, and his staff as they prepare for an exciting and challenging new chapter in their lives.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Loudermilk’s particular surprise at federal government competence portends a closed Tea Party mind that will fit right in with a national GOP unable to govern. He’ll do Georgia proud.

  3. xdog says:

    I expect Jody Hice to follow the “customer service and marketing” model over here in CD10 and I’m prepared to be dismayed at what he and Loudermilk are marketing.

  4. BuddyFreeze says:

    a little off topic but Got word from a friend of mine in DC who talks to Congressmen on a daily basis. Rick Allen is all in to vote for John Boehner as speaker. ‪#‎ga12‬

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