UPDATED: Morning Reads to End the Year with a Bang

2014 is ending in the most perfect ways possible: spring is springing and Ed has Morning Reads!

“Surprise Me Again” by Haircut 100. 

  1. John Lewis, who is portrayed by an actor in “Selma”, says seeing himself on the silver screen is “almost too much.” 
  2. Atlanta’s legislative wish list for 2015 seems pretty reasonable. Which, of course, means the legislature will do all it can to not work with the city.
  3. Georgia had five cops shot and killed in the line of duty last year. That’s fifth-most in the country. 
  4. Meet the group behind the push to make Druid Hills part of Atlanta. 
  5. Will the streetcar be safe for cyclists?
  6. Or are ATLiens just really, really dumb? (There was a report on reddit a few days ago of another collision so we’re up to at least three).
  7. One spur of the Beltline doesn’t seem to be opening any time soon. At least there’s a nice rampway to get to what it will be, I guess.
  8. Hosea Feed the Hungry needs more help, please consider giving. 
  9. Are the Commies taking over? GT indicted for UGA computer hack, telling the truth. (The answer is: yes they are. This hate should be fostered, not tampered.)

In honor of the streetcar beginning operation: Judy Garland with “The Trolley Song”


  1. androidguybill says:

    “Which, of course, means the legislature will do all it can to not work with the city.”

    Actually, those days are in the past. The great recession’s absolutely hammering the suburbs fundamentally changed the way that the state GOP leaders think (and yes, so does increased economic competition from Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina). They will allow the Jan Jones “Milton County” contingent to continue to tilt at windmills – especially since most of that nonsense only targets Fulton County government anyway – while continuing to work with the city.

    T-SPLOST failing is what is holding the Beltline back on the south side. As the resources are limited, right now all the efforts are being geared towards developing the Beltline in the areas of the city that will attract developers, businesses and high income residents (and thereby add to the city’s tax base and population). My guess is that the money raised by the legislature for transportation will be given to the GDOT, who in turn will use it to aid city projects like MARTA, the Beltline and the streetcar.

    • Ed says:

      I was largely being sarcastic. I think Mayor Reed played his cards right throughout his career and there’s a greater ability for both sides to work together.

  2. xdog says:

    With the transportation report in, that leaves only (?) the bar association’s judgement on David Ralston and his odd ideas of running a law practice. Anyone have an idea when that will show up?

  3. penguin says:

    thanks for the insightful fox news article. that does not bother to provide a link for the study it discusses. The article (because I’m not going to bother looking up this study) seems to jump from the fact that it has some statistics to correlate it to other events and a political point it wants to make. I would think the takeaway from the stats is, let’s all rally against all murder! Not, “rally in support of law enforcement and against lawlessness [AKA people upset about murders of non-police officers]” But perhaps the real takeaway in Georgia is MORE guns everywhere. And, to outlaw this “anti-government sentiment” influencing these people.

  4. blakeage80 says:

    It sounds like they need to implement a mandatory computer network ethics class at the North Avenue trade school. That guy should have to stay in jail until UGA wins a national title or beats Tech 10 times in a row.

  5. “Conviction of the felony offense is punishable by a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.”

    I’m glad to know the DA in Athens has put all the other criminals in jail out there so we can throw a Tech student in jail for up to 15 yrs. Good grief, it was a harmless prank. They should slap him on the wrist and then UGA should hire him to protect their obviously insecure systems.

    Here’s the gofundme account for his legal defense.

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