Mike Smith Fired

A press conference in ~5 minutes making it official.

One rumored replacement is Rex Ryan. Should that be too distasteful for you Falcons fans, show you love America and become a fellow Patriot.

In your heart, you know he's right.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. wants you to join the Patriots.


  1. Well, it’s clear Arthur Blank isn’t interested in my advice because I would have kept Smitty and fired the GM. Nevertheless, if Blank hires Rex Ryan I’ll publicly renounce the Falcons and become a fan of some other team. All teams are under consideration with the exception the New Orleans Saints…I can’t do that.

    • androidguybill says:

      Many times a GM will acquire players based on feedback from the head coach. That is a thing that a lot of people who state “fire the GM but keep the coach” forget. So Dimitroff and Smith both had their hands in a lot of bad decisions. But the difference: Dimitroff was the one whose reputation preceded his tenure in Atlanta and association with Smith. Long before coming to Atlanta, Dimitroff was considered a top personnel/front office guy. Smith on the other hand was a nobody before coming to Atlanta. His Jaguars’ defenses were very good, but due to having a lot of talent, not brilliant or innovative coaching.

      Fire Dimitroff and he gets another front office job tomorrow. Meanwhile, as being “the winningest Falcons coach in history” is not as esteemed around the NFL as it is in this city, Mike Smith will probably have to go back to being a defensive coordinator before he gets another head coaching job.

      Because of this, Dimitroff will get a couple of years working with a coach other than Mike Smith before Blank pulls the plug.

  2. Richard says:

    Too bad we can’t fire Blank. As many good things as Bernie Marcus has done for Atlanta, Blank has negated much of it with his miss-management of the team, his arrogance, and his overwhelming greed for more money. We need a new stadium about as much as Florida needs more sand. It’s all about putting more shekels in Blank’s pocket, and the only good thing about the last two terrible seasons is it may cut down on how many fans he can rip off with more leased seats.

    • androidguybill says:

      The folks who hate Arthur Blank for building a new stadium downtown love Liberty Media for building a new stadium in Cobb County. So clearly the issue is not the stadium but where it is being built. Were Arthur Blank building the stadium in Cobb, Gwinnett or Forsyth instead of downtown, the folks that are bashing him now would want him to run for president.

      • Richard says:

        Building the Braves Stadium is as dumb for similar reasons; the current one is a perfectly good venue, screwed up only because the City of Atlanta fought tooth and nail to keep a MARTA stop from being put at the stadium so they could get parking revenues. The new one is being put at a location which is already a traffic nightmare; androgynousbill, you don’t have a clue. We didn’t need either one, except to satisfy the overfed egos of some megalomaniacs, at our expense.

        • androidguybill says:

          “screwed up only because the City of Atlanta fought tooth and nail to keep a MARTA stop from being put at the stadium so they could get parking revenues”

          1. MARTA is not controlled by the city of Atlanta, but Atlanta, Fulton and DeKalb. Try explaining to the good folks at the Emory, the CDC and the Lithonia area why a stop for the Braves is a bigger priority than their long-desired and long-delayed projects.

          2. Turner Field is not controlled by the city of Atlanta but both Atlanta and Fulton County, the latter of which is attempting to block the sale of Turner Field to Georgia State because of the gentrification that will result (Fulton County was not big on redeveloping the Turner Field area for the Braves for that same reason: it would have displaced a lot of Democratic voters).

          3. The Georgia Dome/new Falcons stadium: also not truly controlled by the city of Atlanta, but by the GWCC, which is a state agency. Everyone seems to be perfectly willing to “forget” that the GWCC and the state legislature presided over the financing and construction of the Georgia Dome entirely, with very little involvement from the city required or desired. Blank initially negotiated the new stadium with Governor Deal and the GWCC (the state), who did not want to lose the Falcons as a tenant any more than the city of Atlanta did. But because the state political dynamic is, er, different now than it was in the early 90s when the Georgia Dome was built, Deal and company allowed Reed to run interference for a deal that was actually designed to make sure that the new stadium would be a GWCC facility (and hence owned and operated by the state as opposed to either the city or Blank).

          So, instead of going the juvenile route by calling names, you might want to take a look at the politics, laws and finances behind the whole deal. Particularly when you consider that both the outdated design of the Georgia Dome AND the unfavorable terms signed by the Smiths kept Blank from making anywhere near as much on the Falcons as he could – and should – have been. But it is a lot easier to call people names and blame everything on the mayor of Atlanta than do that, isn’t it?

  3. Boredatwork says:

    You’re making a lot of generalizations based on this being generally a conservative blog. Reed isn’t vilified here often, and you won’t find much support for the Cobb County Braves.

  4. TheEiger says:

    Fingers crossed we can have another firing session after the Georgia/Louisville game. Or I guess as a Georgia fan I should just be happy with mediocre seasons that seem to always see us choke in some of the most important games. It sucks to watch Missouri win the East. Again.

    • Ed says:

      UGA fans are the biggest whiners around. You’re 9-3 and it is mediocre? You sound like a spoiled baby who wanted a PS4 and got an Xbox 360 (or whatever the current models are).

      • TheEiger says:

        In the SEC that is mediocre. I want to be proven wrong, but UGA will never win a national championship under Richt and may never win another SEC championship. Who are the three losses this year? A 6-6 South Carolina and a Florida that was so bad they fired their coach. Then we lost the final game to our in state rival that has been running the same triple option on us for over a decade. We are not consistent. We destroy Auburn and then lose the next week to a Tech. Part of the the head coach’s job is to keep his team consistently performing well. Richt as a problem being able to do that.

        • MattMD says:

          Tech has not been running the triple option for a decade. Johnson was hired in 2008.

          If the delusional, moronic fanbase manages to get Richt fired, Georgia will languish like UT has for OVER a decade (and yes this math checks out).

          Georgia is going to Georgia, just get used to it. It has never been a marquee program and it never will. GT will win a title before Georgia does.

    • At least the “Fire Mike Bobo” campaign can end, or perhaps relocate to Fort Collins, CO.

      UGA would be insane to fire it’s head coach. He’s a guy with class that actually tries to shape the kids in his program into men. There’s more to life than football. We Tech fans learned that lesson years ago. 😉

      • Ed says:

        UGA fans truly are awful (see above). But why would you want to get rid of the guy who gets to choose which recruits stay in Georgia when there are two new FBS-level programs in Georgia (one of which is already a known commodity among recruits) and Tech’s program finally looking decent with a very strong ACC? Oh, right. Because UGA isn’t in the mythological status of perpetually competing for a natty–someplace UGA has never historically been to.

        • TheEiger says:

          Some people are just more accepting of mediocrity. I get it. There is nothing to worry about. Richt will never get fired. He will retire or die at Georgia. There will be a statue built in his honor for averaging 9 wins a season and winning two SEC championships. He will be the greatest coach UGA has ever had. With his two SEC titles.

  5. Richard says:

    Hmmm! sounds like that hit dog hollering to me. If you think the City had no say in the MARTA stop, and Blank wasn’t driving the new stadium train out of greed, you might want to pick up my 4 $209/game leased seats; my renewal is questionable at this point. And where did I say anything about the current Mayor? Maybe though you should go back and research what his aide said in a meeting with the baseball folks. Not a shining example of diplomacy. And since you
    re so plugged in to what’s going to Turner Field, I’m sure you know all about a new building for the Appellate Courts. You may think Blank is some shining star who deserves more money, and Stephanie probably does too, but you would be a lonely boy.

    What name? Did spell check make a mistake again?

  6. northside101 says:

    He (Smith) should have just said “take this job and” (well you know the rest) after yesterday’s game. Take the suicide pill before the hangman comes by…

    At least they did not end up in the playoffs with a 7-9 record. Something needs to be done about that—no losing team should be eligible for a playoff spot, anymore than the deans of mediocrity (those 6-6 teams) ought to be awarded with college bowl games. But not holding my breath on either…

  7. Richard says:

    Best suggestion yet. No winning record, sit home even if you win the division. On par with the suggestion that offensive guards be issued K-Bars.

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