New Population Estimate Has Georgia Above 10 Million People

According to the latest population estimate issued by the U.S. Census Bureau, Georgia had 10,097,343 residents as of July 1st, 2014, an increase of 102,584 people year over year. The state remains the eighth most populous, with 1,496,820 fewer people than number seven Ohio.

California remains the state with the most people, with almost 39 million residents. It’s followed by Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. In this year’s count, Florida jumped ahead of New York to become number 3, and North Carolina jumped ahead of Michigan to become the ninth most populous.

38% of us are southerners. 24% live in the west, 21% live in the midwest, and only 18% live in the northeast. Population estimates for cities and regions will be released sometime next spring.


  1. saltycracker says:

    According to earlier AJC reports 20%(2 million) are on food stamps and GA was one of 13 states with increasing welfare recipients. The net job growth is primarily in the ‘burbs of metro Atlanta as the rest of the state drifts and focuses on expanding Medicaid and other entitlements.

    Maybe time for the legislators to cease piling on laws and revisions for their special interests and focus on efficient governance.
    Just a new years fantasy.

    • androidguybill says:

      Not that good at reading the papers aren’t you?

      1. Suburban Atlanta has a ton of people in poverty/public assistance and that fact has made local, national and international news several times. Even the Marietta Daily-Journal was forced to acknowledge it, though typical for them, the picture accompanying the story was that of a black family, even though most of the people on public assistance in Cobb are white.

      2. No area of Georgia can expand MediCaid (or do much of anything else) unless it gets approved at the state level.

      3. The city of Atlanta’s job growth, population growth rate and private investment outstrips the same in most of the 10 and 28 county metro Atlanta region.

      But hey, you are a living example of people believing what they choose to believe in spite of all the facts.

      • saltycracker says:


        1. Article said 1 of 5 GEORGIANS on food stamps, not where.

        2. Comment was about what: more individual government largess wanted by people and corporations, special interests, not who approves.

        3. Metro Atlanta is the most job producing GA metro and in a PP thread with Bill Dawers on where the net new jobs were being created in the metro, indications were OTP (Aka burbs, other counties in metro). Haven’t seen contrary city numbers.

        Merry Christmas ?

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