Morning Reads for Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming early to all my fans–you get to read my Morning Reads!

Hmm… to end the Christmas music theme… the best Christmas carol of all: “Sleigh Ride” by John Williams & The Boston Pops (which isn’t a Christmas carol but whatever, it’s been lumped into the canon at this point).

  1. Initial signs are that Sally Yates won’t face a huge confirmation fight. 
  2. #GiveItTime
  3. Why one married and gay Southerner doesn’t leave the South. 
  4. Not mentioned: that it’s better than any other part of the world.
  5. Forest Park cops allegedly violating Fourth Amendment.
  6. North Atlanta isn’t number one so the entire list is suspect at best. 
  7. Stacy Abrams is getting noticed by lots of national folks. When will she move up the food chain?
  8. Half of the cheap homes in Atlanta have negative equity. 
  9. Mixed-use development from MARTA possible. 
  10. Delta employees accused of gun trafficking. 
  11. There will be some tasty special editions coming from Cuba next year. The Glorias will be gone in no time–once again. 

Here’s another gift: some of the best Christmas songs around. Tom Waits with the best anti-Christmas carol.  Rafael Solano y su Orquestra with the best Christmas carol I heard for the first time this week. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is the best true carol (which I guess makes it the best Christmas song, too).