Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014


“Twas the night before Christmas” debuted on this date in 1823 (and was the theme for last year’s Christmas Eve reads). On this date in 1986, the experimental airplane Voyager, piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, completed the first non-stop, around-the-world flight without refueling as it landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base in California. On to the reads!

  • Mayor Reed appoints the members of the Westside Future Fund (intown)
  • Jim Caldwell (ahem, my former coach) is getting it done in Detroit (nytimes)
  • The debate over damming the Mekong (economist)
  • Every day’s outrage for 2014 (slate)
  • Handicapping Jeb Bush’s chances in Georgia (ajc)
  • Going inside ISIS with your third favorite German (CNN)
  • Chefs predict drinking and dining trends (TastingTable)
  • The greatest lawyer who ever lived (TexasMonthly)
  • Donte Stallworth is done with the NFL, interning at HuffPo (Wapo)
  • The invisible backpack of white privilege from LL Bean (McSweeneys)
  • Enough with the adulation,
  • here’s the brutal truth about the Scandinavian, (guardian)
  • Independent physicians are under attack (MDJ)
  • But even fewer people want to be teachers (ajc)
  • What does a messy desk mean? (mic)
  • Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says (Washington Post)
  • Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest (The Atlantic)
  • Playing Chicken: Antibiotics made modern farming possible. By abusing them, we risk everything (The Walrus)
  • ‘Asteroids’ and The Dawn of the Gamer Age (Daily Beast)
  • The Problem with Music (The Baffler)
  • Livin’ Thing: An Oral History of ‘Boogie Nights’(Grantland)
  • Can You Survive the Navy Seal Workout? (Outside)
  • Bobo named Colorado State coach (Macon)





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