1. xdog says:

    You can see an actual festivus pole in the capitol rotundas in Tallahassee and Madison, part of the push-back against mainstream Christian insistence on creches in state places. You can also see displays by Wiccans, FSMers, Rastas, who knows what else. Jody Hice’s head would explode. Is this a great country or what?

  2. Ed says:

    No. 3 is why griftdrift is “gone fishing” today.

    But since we’re at the airing of grievances, I’m going to say how I really feel about all of you people.

    OK, Charlie… I believe

  3. greencracker says:

    And as for grievances, my grievances for this crowd: Not enough government data is machine-readable!

    A .pdf is like a picture of data! It is not data.

    My feat of strength is to tear in half a 200-pg pdf like a phonebook.

    PS, who’s the oldest one here? I call “not it.”

  4. blakeage80 says:

    1. Having to work on the 23rd of Dec, yet having literally nothing to do. (except refresh PP every 30sec)
    2. Not sliding out of my office chair while sleeping in it
    3. Whoever has the most powder (denture or otherwise) by their computer

  5. MattMD says:

    My grievance is that Tech didn’t bury Georgia in that game. Georgia always seems to get some cheap TD that violates every rule in college football but even that didn’t save them this year (the Swann return when forward progress was clearly stopped). Our lines where blowing them apart and we made their Chubb very flaccid in the second half, it should have been 30-14 ish.

    Enjoy the Belk Bowl, boys.

    Oh yeah, nice squib, bros.

      • MattMD says:

        Most of our games are evenly matched. GT easily could have won ’04 (Georgia cheats), ’05, ’06 (another cheap TD), ’07 (the MNC contenders! Oh, wait), ’09 (horrific), ’10 (would have killed y’alls bowl streak) and ’13 so don’t go all acting like you are some SEC world-beating team that actually makes it to a championship game.

        Your yelling radio announcers are horrible.


        • Noway says:

          Woulda, coulda, shouda….
          Face it, GT is a second rate football program who occasionally slops up and wins against GA. It’s really that simple.

          • Will Durant says:

            And is a first rate institute of higher learning. I don’t fool myself into thinking more or less of a university over who can put the most ringers on the field without getting caught. And this is nothing new of course since it has gone on since college football was still at club levels. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy watching the college game more than the NFL. I wish they would just do away with the hypocrisy.

    • David C says:

      ….and how many times did Georgia fumble one yard from the end zone in this supposed to be 30-14 game? If Georgia doesn’t get butterfingers in the first half, then it’s 21-0 and Tech can’t throw to play catchup. But yeah, it was the cheating.

  6. Noway says:

    And later tonight it’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. Linus’ speech on the stage is all that needs to be said. And The Little Drummer Boy. That 1960’s TV version of the song is the best I ever heard.

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