Morning Reads: Yates as Deputy AG, DISH Blacks Out Fox News, Showdown at the Dome


Watch out: N. Korea says, the worst it yet to come

Protester takes perch on St. Peter’s façade


Gunman who ambushed NYC cops had troubled past

Former NY police commish says blood is on the hands of mayor, Sharpton

Evan Satanists believe in some sort of holiday season

Gas prices continue to fall

Another blackout for Dish customers, this time for Fox News


Chatham County judges making justice swifter for major crimes

Are we finally nearing the end of all of these DeKalb cityhood discussions?

Sally Yates is reportedly heading to Washington

Unsettled weather through Christmas Eve


Winner take all, next Sunday in the Dome


  1. androidguybill says:

    This merits more discussion:

    Unfortunately, the state isn’t bold enough to actually give this group funding. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce (or longtime charter supporters like Wal-Mart and the SOCIALLY LIBERAL Koch brothers) should?

    Giving potential charter school operators advice is thinking small. Giving them a budget – say $1 million for each startup (depending on cost of living of course … $1 million is a lot more in Macon or Valdosta than it is in Buckhead).

    A reason why they may need more money: to pay qualified teachers more.

  2. BriscoeDarlin says:

    The Sony emails must be so nasty and insulting to the Prez and others. That’s the only reason they said they’d not show the movie. Attacks by North Koreans? Spare me….What are they going to do, raid the theatres and throw rancid pots of kimchi?

    • saltycracker says:

      So you are in the adjacent screening room and a fool blows the place up…are you gonna sue ? How about we put some resources into cyber crime ?

      • Noway says:

        How about not cowering to threats from a fat gargoyle? Go see the flick and see what a backwards piece of **** he and his entire country is? Laugh like hell at them. To hell with their threats.

        • saltycracker says:

          Sony made the decision not to release the movie about killing the rabid fool criminal. What do we gain by taunting them on ? An opportunity to blow a maniac and millions of his followers off the face of the earth at some crazy cost ? Not backing down, just not jumping in.

          • Noway says:

            Sony made a commercial movie using their own resources. They have the freedom to release it. It’s called capitalism. And now not release it just because some tinhorn dictator doesn’t like the content? Screw him. Bow to this a**hole now, bow to every damn one who ever has a grievance.

          • Richard says:

            I don’t know about the rest of you, but growing up I was taught early on you don’t win arguments with cops on the street, even if you are right, and we had similar conversations with our kids. That went along with the suggestion that not much good happens after midnight on the street. None would be dead today if they had followed that simple advice, which I’m betting they never got in their home. As to the number of shots fired in Ferguson, law enforcement generally operates under the same rules that I’ve taught my wife and children; if you are going to be killed by and assailant, let it be because they took your empty gun away from you and beat you to death with it. The new FN 57 holds 22 rounds; don’t leave one in the chamber. As to Dish customers being more informed, it begs the question, about what?

    • Will Durant says:

      The chance that the threat was credible is almost nothing. A chance most theater goers would probably be willing to risk. However, if you are a parent and there is any slight danger to your kid are you going to take it on their behalf or just take them to some other form of entertainment rather than the animated feature in the same multiplex with the astronomically overpriced refreshments. Sony didn’t cave to North Korea, they caved to their customers, Regal, Carmike, AMC, etc. The theater owners were not willing to risk diminished crowds and less profits for the sake of a comedy that had lousy word of mouth anyway.

      • Noway says:

        As was said in earlier post, I think Sony is in cahoots with the theater chains. I thinks it’s the emails that Sony is terrified of. So, I’ll go a 180 with you on this one, Will. If I’m incorrect, then Sony ought to man up and release it. The publicity around this would make it more money than it otherwise would.

  3. Harry says:

    “I will never, ever, compromise the cause of liberty…I will maintain the embargo.” – Obama, Miami 2008.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Career criminal, shop keep nuisance, with heart, asthma, obesity issues, dies of heart attack when cops piled on during arrest resistance.
    Eric Garner

    • MattMD says:

      I’m pretty sure the NYC coroner’s office ruled Garner’s death a homicide. I think the cop committed manslaughter. I don’t care what his record is, he didn’t deserve to die for that nonsense.

      • saltycracker says:

        Of course he didn’t deserve to die. He did take an incredible risk resisting arrest in his health and it ended badly for him compressed under a pile of cops. It was homicide, not criminal homicide by the cops. Wasn’t a black lady cop the one in charge ? Didn’t the grand jury hear from almost 3 dozen testimonies and almost 2 dozen witnesses as well as medical experts ?

        Picking martyrs like this idiot isn’t helping anything, it is divisive.

  5. FranInAtlanta says:

    Regarding Dish dropping FoxNews – Many Dish customers (can someone help me here?) are stuck with Dish.

    • Noway says:

      Not stuck with it but we’ve learned how to operate all of the things that go along with it. Going to Comcast or Direct TV is certainly an option but if we left now, it would take at least a week before we’d be hooked up to the other system. I’m betting Fox and Dish get things worked out in a week or less.

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