Balfour Calls Out Sam Olens, Again

Outgoing State Senator Don Balfour took to Facebook today to call out Attorney General Sam Olens, again, continuing his less than positive exit:

Today, Dec 19 unless it is your birthday, isn’t a big day. But it is a big day for me. A year ago today the frivolous charges brought by an incompetent Georgia Attorney General were found unanimously NOT GUILTY. The Jury foreman stood before the press and told them that they should find out why this was even in a court of law. The Jury could not believe the Attorney General had totally wasted their time.

The Judge told the State to refund me all my legal fees.

Most people are shocked that the State paid hundreds of thousands of dollars investigating this. And are surprised that a person could be charged a felony for an eleven dollar mistake on an expense report.

The AG knew before the indictment that I am one of a hand full of legislators that is not taking a state pension saving the state over 160,000, that I was the only legislator who reduced his salary at his company by the salary made in the State so there wasn’t any increase of pay (over 300,000), and that I could have taken over 45,000 in expenses that I chose not to. So why would I give up on my own over a half a million dollars but steal 11 or 22 ?

Next time, lets election a DA who knows how to prosecute or not prosecute.

A screenshot of the post can be seen after the break, just in case it disappears from Facebook.



  1. xdog says:

    “Next time, lets election a DA who knows how to prosecute or not prosecute.”

    Be careful what you wish for, you ungrammatical devil you.

    Except for not having an office nor the bother of future elections, will Balfour’s job change in the least?

    • Salmo says:

      When he introduces himself at parties, he no longer gets to introduce himself as “The Powerful Rules Chairman Don Balfour”. That’s a big deal if you’re Don Balfour.

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    As long as we’re asking for Christmas presents, we’d like a competent prosecutor in DeKalb too. Andrea Sneiderman convicted of lying about an affair??? Plea bargain for school superintendent Crawford Lewis?? Retrials of Pope, Reid and CEO Burrell Ellis??? Talk about incompetence.

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