Happy Birthday Baker Owens

Baker Owens is one of the good guys.  He’s a regular commenter here, but has his own distinct piece of Georgia’s blogosphere real estate over at That’s Just Peachy.  For those who are unfamiliar with it…where the heck have you been?  It’s like a Georgia Drudge Report, only more informative and less sensationalized.

Baker is one of our strongest supporters.  He attends most of our events – even the boring ones where we talk instead of drink.  He tweets and retweets about our media appearances.  And he actively participates in our discussions while amplifying them through other media sources at the same time.  He’s an all around good Georgia citizen.

We appreciate what he does for us, for Georgia politics, and for his fellow Georgians.  We hope his day is not “just” peachy, but peachy perfect.  Happy birthday good sir.


  1. Happy Birthday, Baker! I really like that you can oppose a person’s idea/stance without being a jerk about it. As Charlie said, you’re an all-around good guy.

    Have a great birthday,

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