Deal Appoints Bucci For Superior Court

From the press release:

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced the appointment of Dean C. Bucci to the Superior Court judgeship within the Paulding Judicial Circuit. Bucci will fill the vacancy created by the retirement of the Honorable James R. Osborne. The appointment will take effect upon swearing in.

Dean C. Bucci

Bucci is a partner with the firm Plumley & Bucci, LLC in Dallas. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia Southern University and a law degree from the University of Georgia. He and his wife have two children and reside in Dallas.

What’s not in the press release, but worth noting:

Bucci is Hispanic.  In fact, he’s the first Hispanic Judge to serve as a Superior Court Judge in Georgia.  That’s not in the headline, or even the release.  Republicans don’t tend to play identity politics well, and don’t tend to trumpet an individual’s accomplishment based on these type of things.  And yet, we just finished an entire election cycle where we kept hearing about “demographic trends” as a harbinger that Republicans will lose in the future solely because Georgia is becoming more diverse.  Many of us flatly reject this notion.

With this premise in mind, senior conservative leaders in Georgia with Hispanic backgrounds, such as Jason Anavitarte and Jimmy McDonald, are working to help earn the support of conservative Hispanics in Georgia. As Georgia is currently without a true Hispanic organized and run organization with a conservative ideological mission statement, it is their hope that they can begin the efforts to fill this void.

Anavitarte and McDonald are already in the beginning stages of forming an organization that will be reaching out to conservative Hispanics in Georgia, organizing them, and helping them to find a political voice to support conservative causes and candidates in Georgia. I watched closely as they advocated for the appointment of Dean Bucci.  They led with his qualifications.  His heritage was just a sweetener.

I reached out to McDonald this afternoon and received an email saying in part “We are very excited for Dean and very proud to support his efforts in pursuit of this judgeship. He is incredibly qualified and represents a different image of Hispanics in Georgia that is contrary to the common perception of the community. All Hispanic Georgians are not working in the agricultural industry. Like any other community Hispanics are dynamic and include all sorts of people, including conservatives. We are looking forward to continuing these types efforts in the upcoming year under the umbrella of an Hispanic created and run organization that will support conservative causes and candidates in Georgia.”

The Hispanic population is growing rapidly in Georgia.  As such, appointments to members of the Hispanic community will and should be quite routine.  Hispanic Georgians are a large part of our present and will be a bigger part of Georgia’s future.  I look forward to the work of McDonald, Anaviarte, and others in their organization to help ensure that Hispanic Georgians will also be a large part of the Republican party.

Last week I spoke to the “Political and Media Summit” held at the International Mall on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Gwinnett.  The panel and audience was very diverse.  I was the lone Republican on either panel, but delighted in telling the audience that my party will cede no ground and does not believe defeat is inevitable based on “demographic trends”.  It was with similar pleasure that I gave an interview to Atlanta’s V-103 radio a couple hours before kickoff of the Ga-Fl game, to tell their listening audience of what Governor Deal did with criminal justice reform and planned to continue to do.  Incarceration rates for African American males are down 20% just a couple of years into these changes.  That’s more people who have a chance at a “normal” life without marks on their permanent record that prohibit them for full access to opportunity.

The GOP too often allows itself to get painted into corners with a bad message and bad messengers.  I’m happy to help elevate those who will be our messengers of the future – those who will carry the message that the Georgia GOP is open to everyone who shares the spirit of limited government and personal responsibility.


  1. Exactly.

    Well-said, Charlie. This is exactly the kind of approach to the future that Republicans need to take to maintain a majority in the future: Fresh and relevant messages based on the principles of limited government, carried by new and relevant messengers. Georgia GOP voters needs to seriously look to nominate minorities and diversify the ticket. And kudos to the Governor on this, regardless of your politics.

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