Congressman Doug Collins On What We Need To Know About The CROmnibus

I’ve seen some strong language from conservative friends on Facebook who are saying that Georgia’s Republican congressmen who voted in favor of the termed “CROmnibus” bill that recently passed Congress have “betrayed” conservative voters. Of course, a lot of liberals are upset over the bill too, so there’s that. You can see the statements from some of the congressmen on their vote here, but Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) has sent out an email newsletter that explains what is in the bill and setting the record straight. You can read it in its entirety after the jump.

Dear Friend,
These last few days, I’ve been listening to a lot of constituents, and frankly I’m stunned at the level of misinformation that’s been circulating about the FY 2015 Omnibus and what that means for immigration in the next Congress. For you, I want to set things straight.
All told, the 2015 Omnibus represents one of the lowest spending plans enacted in more than half a century, coming in under the ground-breakingly conservative Ryan budget and addressing immediate priorities in a fiscally responsible way.
With the national debt at record highs and the White House’s credibility at record lows, we stripped funding for President Obama’s Race-to-the-Top education initiative, a direct response to the concerned Americans across the country who, like many in Georgia’s 9th district, have taken the time to talk to Members of Congress about what this means at the local level.
We’ve been able to cripple the politically-motivated abuses of power at the IRS by cutting more than $345 million in funding for the agency, which is, by President Obama’s design, the heartbeat of Obamacare enforcement.
At the same time, the legislation held back more funds for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services which would be used to continue the disastrous implementation of Obamacare.
The constitutionally-mandated appropriations responsibilities of COngress haven’t produced a perfect, ideal-across-the-board spending agreement in more than 2 centuries. But this month, the 113th Congress passed the best appropriations package that represented the values and priorities of the American people it possibly could have done.
The House of Representatives is the piece of the federal government closest to the people. We could not, and we did not, allow President Obama’s politically-motivated actions on immigration entice us to step away from our responsibility to keep the federal government functioning to engage him in his cynical fight over immigration.
Where he has created a problem, House Republicans will create a solution: free from the threats and the fears of a government shutdown. As you’re reading this e-mail, I’m in the drafting stages of my own legislation to fight the president on his executive actions on immigration and working with other colleagues who are doing the same.
I commit to you that we will engage in this fight, and we will bring forward a plan that is best for this country. As always, I’m here to listen to what you have to say.

Doug Collins
Member of Congress


  1. FranInAtlanta says:

    My take is that the noisy 20% of Republicans (and the media that fires them up) was against this bill and thought that something more palatable to them was doable. I’m with the 80% and appreciate Doug Collins – also David Scott and Sanford Bishop and the Republicans that helped us start 2015 with a clean slate. Expected Braun’s vote to be where it was – surprised at Austin Scott.

  2. Jared says:

    I for one can’t wait to see senate dems vote for cloture and Obama sign into law Collins’ immigration legislation next year when they are “free from the threats and the fears of a government shutdown”. That’ll be sweet.

  3. Preach! *literally*

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    Who writes this drivel for The Holy Rookie? It was the GOP leadership that pushed this budget, not the POTUS or the Demo’s. This is a GOP budget that Obama supported because, like the rest of us, the GOP should be given lessons on a now near sinful concept called “cooperation”.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Fiscally conservative would be fixing the laws, or for token openers, ending schedule A or going for a simple no exception postcard size form for a flat tax/fair tax. Gutting funding while keeping the mess results in the compliant getting their butts kicked. Employee costs, pensions, benefits and early retirements will eat up a bigger percentage. Public services will be reduced while lax enforcement will drive fraud and abuse. Meanwhile the lobbyists will have more to spend to insure their factions are spared.

    All while the banks have FDIC backing to gamble big with depositor $.

    Fixing Obamacare ? Nah, make it a honeypot for fraud and abuse…..Two extremes set to grow: public largess and luxury goods.

    • gcp says:

      Agree. Almost six billion in fraudulent child tax credits last year and Collins brags about cutting 345 million from irs makes no sense. Very disappointed to see this from Collins.

      • saltycracker says:

        Little late catching the IRS bureaucrats are striking back by saying funding cuts will delay refunds. Nice work by congress in lieu of simplifying their job by addressing the code.

        If Collins thinks he is fiscally conservative then he must also think we did right by the Fergueson looters (not shooting them) as they were just undocumented shoppers.

  5. John Konop says:

    I warned you guys last time about gambling with tax payers money with derivatives, we all saw how it blew up the economy. The truth is we did not bail out banks, we bailed the bets you guys made last time with tax payer guarantees….For you guys to do this again is beyound not being fiscally conservative, it is being fiscally irresponsable.

  6. Salmo says:

    The assaults from the Lanier Tea Party Patriots on Collins’ facebook page would be hilarious if they weren’t so sad.

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