Congressman Doug Collins Joins House Rules Committee

There has been much talk about how, with the departure of Jack Kingston, Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun and John Barrow from the U.S. House, Georgia would be losing many years of seniority, and therefore clout. But the news isn’t all bad, as the Peach State’s remaining congressmen gain seniority and new responsibilities.

6th District Congressman Tom Price will step up to chair the Budget Committee, replacing Paul Ryan. We mentioned earlier that 14th District Congressman Tom Graves will serve as chair of an Appropriations subcommittee, and how 7th District Congressman Rob Woodall landed a spot on the Transportation and Infrastructure committee.

Now comes word that 9th District Congressman Doug Collins will be joining Woodall on the House Rules Committee, which is the one committee that touches every piece of legislation passing through the lower chamber. Collins will continue on the Judiciary Committee, where he will become Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet. In an announcement, Collins said,

In the 114th Congress, committees are where we’ll be doing the hardest work in turning this country around. I’m honored to be in a position to make Northeast Georgia’s voice heard as every piece of legislation makes its way through the Rules Committee to the House floor. On the Judiciary Committee, I’ll be working even harder on ways to encourage innovation and intellectual property for the next generation. We’ll also be making sure that in President Obama’s final two years in office, we’re protecting the American people from his increasingly reckless regard for the Constitution.