Outgoing Rep. Kingston on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Outgoing Republican Congressman Jack Kingston, GA-1, appeared this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, covering a few topics outlined below. Over various appearances the last couple of weeks, I think people have garnered a better insight into the Jack that many of us in GA-1 and GA-12 have seen over the last two decades.

On his recent appearance on the Colbert Report:
Kingston gave a behind the scenes glimpse into his recent Colbert appearance. He stated that they put a rubber bust of Colbert on an enclave.  On the bottom of the bust, they left a phone number and a note that to whoever stole the bust to please make a donation to the Wounded Warriors and to call the number to let them know it was done. It was taken within an hour, but they never heard from the person who took it.

Kingston was asked about how his colleagues took his Colbert appearance and he responded:  “It gave particularly last week some humor when some humor was desperately needed and some people were laughing about it.”

On the year-end spending deal:
“There are a lot of people who felt somehow we would be in a better position to negotiate on the president’s executive order about immigration now rather than in February. What the bill does is it short funds the Department of Homeland Security to February. Then you’ve got all these nine new Republican Senators, highest majority in the House for Republicans since I think…1929…so why not wait until the cavalry arrives which is was Boehner’s point.”

On the responsibility of the new Republican majorities to deliver:
“What I do think it does is sets a high bar for the coming year. I the coming year, we really will have to perform. Everybody who ran for Congress or Senate made the promise of no amnesty, repeal Obamacare, or cut spending. I can say this, that there will be absolutely no excuses in January for the Republican Party.”

On Going Forward:
Kingston states towards the end of the video that he is currently job hunting. He said that it has been a hectic few months trying to close out his office and archiving documents.