Candidate In for First Vice-Chair of DPG; GAGOP 2nd Vice-Chair Not Seeking Reelection

We received two emails today about various candidatures for top offices in state political parties.

Diane Evans said she is running against Nikema Williams for the first vice-chair of the DPG. In her announcement, Evans said:

Simply put, we can’t continue to do the same things each election cycle and expect different results.

As a former candidate for public office, I know that our Party can better support our brave Democratic candidates.

As the secretary of the GADCC and a county chair, I know that we must better develop our county parties.

As a former educator, I know that we can build better relationships with teachers throughout our state.

As a pastor, I know that we can make compelling, faith-based arguments that are inclusive for believers and non-believers alike.

Ron Johnson said he will not run for reelection as second vice-chair for the GAGOP. He did not say why but did say he hopes to be reappointed as the chair of the Veterans Committee with the GAGOP.


  1. Justin Tomczak says:

    Ron Johnson told me last night he was seeking the position of <80K Chair instead of seeking reelection to 2nd Vice Chair.

    Debbie McCord of Augusta has announced she will seek the 2nd Vice Chair position.

    Both of these fine folks will do well if elected to the positions they seek.

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Qualifying period for DPG leadership ends on Jan 20th, if you’re going to do a post on each announcement you’ll be busy. Mary Harris was also going to run for DPG 1st Vice, but she’s already dropped her bid.

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