Morning Reads: Ga. Highway Woes, Brookhaven Birthday, New Voters for Dems?


Hostage situation in Sydney may be politically motivated


10 things to know for Monday
CNN commentator suggests Democrats pursue protestors for more votes
Cheney: I’d do it again in a minute


No quick solution for Georgia’s highways woes
DeKalb’s newest city celebrates birthday
Savannah has strong ties to Israel
New EPD chief heads water wars
Georgia agencies given millions in military surplus gear
Georgia physicians with spotty records hired to treat state’s inmates


The father of modern baseball cards dies
Steeler fans are less obnoxious than Brownies, Who Dats
Johnny Football’s last great game may have been in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, if this holds true


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I appreciated the Sunday AJC story on the Brooks County absentee ballot fraud case:

    The AJC reported that Georgia statue states that the absentee voter “shall then mail or personally deliver” an absentee ballot after casting it. SoS Brian Kemp’s lead investigator testified in the case that a spouse, child, or neighbor of the absentee voter taking the completed absentee ballot of their spouse, parent, or neighbor to the mailbox is committing a felony.

    An lead investigator that doesn’t understand the difference between “shall then mail or personally deliver” and “shall then personally mail or deliver” ought to be removed as a lead investigator. Ditto the SoS.

    I’ve deposited the absentee ballot of the other member of the household in the mail at least twice since the enactment of the ballot photo ID legislation a half dozen years ago or so. How many other PP posters and readers have committed a ridiculous Brian Kemp felony?

  2. blakeage80 says:

    Regarding the transportation article: Is it possible and what would it take to reverse the 2010 TIA referendum so that those regions that past it won’t be double taxed, if that’s the route we go to get extra transport funding?

    Also, this article brings up interesting competing interests. That is local control vs too many governments to pay attention to. If you surveyed any given county, what percentage of the citizens would know that their county and city and school board add sales taxes to their gasoline purchase? What percentage would know whether or not that money is spent on transportation needs? This might be where the legislature could make some headway.

    This article also does a good job of managing expectations of the committee report. It probably isn’t a grand plan. It’s more likely a list of tough choices.

  3. xdog says:

    Is the war on Christmas over? Did anyone win? I haven’t noticed any mention this year and god knows you can usually hear those folks miles away.

  4. John Konop says:

    Like most people I appreciate being a police officer is a tough job. On the other hand it seems we are seeing an increase amount of over reaction making the problem worse. Why do you think this is happening?

    Texas Cop Nathanial Robinson Uses Stun Gun On Elderly Man Over Inspection Sticker

    ……..A Texas cop is under investigation after using a stun gun on an elderly man he had stopped for an inspection sticker issue that the officer himself apparently didn’t understand.

    Dashcam video from the incident posted by Raw Story, above, shows officer Nathanial Robinson, 23, pull over Pete Vasquez, 76, at Adam’s Auto Mart in Victoria, Texas, as “Under Ground Kings” by Drake blares from the cruiser’s radio.

    Vasquez gets out of the car, walks behind it and gestures toward the license plate and to the office of the dealer, where he works. He later told the Victoria Advocate newspaper that he was explaining that the dealer tags on the car make it exempt from inspection..


  5. xdog says:

    “Why do you think this is happening?”

    Because they can. Because they don’t know any better. Because there’s no penalty for acting inhumanely. Because some cops enjoy making people do what they want.

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