Liberty Bell to ring as part of Deal Inaguration

In a series of patriotic events set for Governor Deal’s January 12th inauguration is the renewed practice of ringing Georgia’s Liberty Bell in the newly constructed – but still fenced in- Liberty Plaza. The Liberty Bell, a gift from the Truman administration, hasn’t rung in several decades and Governor Deal is hoping the new tradition will become a part of the inaugural ceremony formalities in the future.

Georgia Liberty Bell

The bell, like protesters and activists, is being moved from the Capitol grounds to Liberty Plaza along with many of 2015’s inaugural events, but the irony of Georgia’s own ‘free speech zone’ across the street from the People’s House has gone mostly undiscussed. Creative Loafing took the concept to task  back in August questioning the distant and restricted area for peaceful dissent while the Georgia Building Authority called it ‘the new front door’…whatever that means. Adding to the irony, the bell reads “Dedicated to you, a free citizen in a free land.” Hopefully everyone will remember that the real activism takes place inside the Capitol by speaking with legislators directly. But for what it’s worth, the bell is a pretty nice touch.


  1. TheEiger says:

    “Georgia’s Liberty Bell in the newly constructed – but still fenced in- Liberty Plaza.”

    You realize that things that are under construction tend to have fences around them right? The fence will come down. It isn’t some fascist statement by the Deal administration. It is what it is. A simple construction fence to keep people out. To keep people from stealing tools that are left behind at the end of a work day. To keep people away from places that could be dangerous because of a potential fall and lawsuit.

    To be honest I read that line and then quite reading because of how absurd it was.

      • TheEiger says:

        Thanks for the Creative Loafing article. They are wonderful journalists. The link with the pictures you sent was great as well. They show a beautiful plaza with a statue of Martin Luther King. I think the iron fence that is wide open at the entrance adds quite a bit to the beauty and design. I think you are making yourself look quite petty and a little too conspiracy minded.

        I would rather we debate things that matter like transportation, taxes, the government’s role in health care and foreign policy. That’s what political blogs are for. Not conspiracy theories about a dang fence. Other things with fences; dog parks, baseball fields, the square in down town Roswell, my neighbor’s back yard. It’s just one big conspiracy to keep us out. Of everywhere.

  2. Jessica Szilagyi says:

    Yet you’re still here hollering about a conspiracy theory you THINK I have concocted. You’re free to discuss any and all of the issues you referenced., as am I, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are breaking news points for the #gapol community.
    I suppose the only dangerous fence is the one surrounding your humorless political perspective.

  3. Will Durant says:

    Some people are just not that worked up when other people’s 1st amendment rights are trampled. Kennesaw for example, loves that 2nd amendment, they’re just not too keen on the 1st applying to all.

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