Morning Reads for Friday, December 5, 2014

– And there was great rejoicing. The Atlanta location of Stoddard’s Gun Range opened this week.
– Besides the state becoming the world’s largest movie set, the aerospace industry here is growing heartily.
– Taking “He’s Just Not That Into You” to new heights.
The Occupiers return, to occupy, or something. #maybeitwillsnow
– Wash your hands, folks. That flu shot you got isn’t up to snuff.
Mayor Reed went to Washington to spoke on transit and education.
– After the “recent unpleasantness,” what lies ahead for the ASO.

– I’ve always liked that word – scoff.
Now here’s a good idea
Much less important news than commenting on the behavior of teenage daughters.
– I mean really, what could go wrong?
– So, is there now a scheduled moment to release the flying monkeys?

Random Everywhere:
– Sure, why not? We can all just live at the SBX.
– Don’t have enough Christmas recipes? Here’s more!
Georgia grown gifts. Those pickles sound divine. (hint, hint)
– Oh, yay. All of next year’s clothes will be a lovely shade of dirt.


  1. FranInAtlanta says:

    Got the flu shot. Got the flu (they tested me to make sure). Got Tamiflu. When I went to doc in box, I told them, “I would say I have the flu, but I had the flu shot more than a month ago.”

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