Happy Birthday Ed Lindsey

I see that today is Rep. Ed Lindsey’s birthday.  In addition to his many titles and accolades, he’s the newest contributor here at Peach Pundit.  As an elected official, he was always willing to share his thoughts with us and mix it up a bit in the comments.  He’s now continuing his public service in various non-elected capacities, remaining the statesman we’ve always known him to be.  We’re honored for him to lend some of that time here, and appreciate his willingness to risk his image of being one of the good guys by associating with ruffians like many of us who have been around a while.  As such, we advise him not to do anything we wouldn’t do this weekend while celebrating his birthday.  That should give him enough leeway to have a good time.

Y’all wish Ed a Happy Birthday in the comments below please.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! No, we already got one of those. Mr. Ed? No, he’s a horse of course. Buzz’s Mr. Whip conjures up Lash LaRue to this geezer. Oh well, thanks for mixing it up here with us.

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