Championship Weekend Predictions And Open Thread

It’s Conference Championship weekend and as usual Atlanta in right in the thick of it. The SEC Championship is of course in our Capitol city but the game might not be as exciting as it normally is.

For Yellow Jacket fans like myself, we’re enjoying something we’re not all that used to: People are actually rooting for our football team. Sure, some are doing it because they don’t like Florida State’s QB but nevertheless, this is a big game for our program. So much so that if several things happen, Georgia Tech could find itself in the mix for the 4th spot in the new College Football Payoff. Here’s how that could happen:

1) #2 Oregon defeats #7 Arizona tonight, claims the Pac-12 Championship and retains their spot in the playoff.
2) #3 TCU defeats Iowa State tomorrow and claims a share of the Big-12 Championship and a spot in the playoff.
3) Tomorrow afternoon #1 Alabama defeats #16 Missouri to claim the SEC Championship and retain the top playoff spot.
4) #9 Kansas State knocks off #6 Baylor tomorrow night and shares the Big-12 Conference title with #3 TCU.
5) #13 Wisconsin knocks off #5 Ohio State and claims the B1G Championship.
6) #11 Georgia Tech knocks off #4 FSU and claims the ACC Championship.

None of those things are out of the question, which leave us with this possible scenario:

Three Conference Champions with 2 losses are considered for the 4th playoff spot: Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Wisconsin. What about #8 Michigan State and #10 Mississippi State? Well, they are not Conference champs, which the Selection Committee says is important and could cause those two teams to be jumped by K-State, GT, and Wisc.

I think the Selection Committee would then toss out Kansas State because #3 TCU defeated them 41-20 during the season and if you were going to have two teams from the same conference in the playoffs they’d be from the SEC, not the Big-12. So we’re left with GT and Wisconsin. They may very well pick Georgia Tech because Tech has a better strength of schedule and has defeated #19 Clemson, #9 Georgia, and #4 FSU in consecutive weeks. Wisconsin’s win over OSU would be (rather tragically) against OSU’s third string QB and perhaps not as impressive as GT’s win over FSU.

Implausible? Perhaps. Impossible? Not at all. In fact, I think it may very well happen.

Discuss this and anything else on your mind in this OPEN THREAD.


  1. Zach Louis says:

    Arizona over Oregon… even with upset over FSU, the committee has no respect for the ACC, plus Tech has a loss to a terrible UNC team and has had a few sqeakors against GaSouthern and VT. But this is not relevant, because FSU will clobber Tech.

    • zedsmith says:

      Has FSU clobbered anybody this year? The jackets can officially “run this state” if they knock off the ultimate dumb jock, mr. Winston.

      I’d say their odds of upsetting Fsu are significantly better than mizzou’ or arizona’s.

  2. Will Durant says:

    I still enjoy watching kids playing with their emotions involved, often more than their abilities.

  3. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    So I arrive at the Galleria Waverly for the GSBA/GSSA annual conference, and we are overrun by the Alabama football players, cheerleaders, band, and fans, who are all staying here too. Very exciting! 🙂

  4. Edward Lindsey says:

    Forgive me Dad for what I am about to say. God rest his soul, he would not understand this post. Dad was a rabid Dawg fan of the highest order. He once took me to an exhibition game in the early 70’s between Tech and the USSR basketball teams and we rooted for Russia on the theory that they were wearing red and playing Tech. It was that simple. Clean Old Fashion Hate.

    But times have changed. Tech is playing Florida State for the ACC Championship this weekend. State pride is on the line. We cannot have the state of Florida happy at our expense twice this year.

    Sorry Pop — but GO TECH. Swarm’em. Sting’em. Send’em battered, bruised, and beaten back to the Panhandle!

    • Charlie says:

      My Dad and your Dad would have gotten along great.

      I’m likely just going to take his approach to any Tech-Notre Dame game:

      There has to be something else on….

    • Dr. Monica Henson says:

      Ed, I follow that same philosophy during basketball season. My cousin’s son plays for the men’s team at UNC, and that’s my favorite ACC/NC team. However, anytime Duke and NC State play anyone other than UNC or UGA, which I attended, I show state pride and force myself to cheer for the Dookies and the Wolfpack. Likewise, when I was an undergraduate at Western Carolina, Bobby Cremins coached the Appalachian State men (our arch-rivals in all sports back in the day), and we hated his guts. Nevertheless, when he went to Georgia Tech to coach their men, we all became Tech fans to show our Southern Conference solidarity.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Bet my ‘Noles with my obnoxious Tech friends……take that…..gave them the spread….another disappointing win…. 🙂

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