The Morning Reads for December 3.

With every passing day it looks more and more like the Christmas season.

“Everyday Will be Like a Holiday” by RZA (Ft. William Burke & Stone Mecca) 

  1. I have seen GSU’s problem and it is us, my fellow alumni. 
  2. He is not incorrect.
  3. Arthur Blank’s playground just got $200m more expensive. 
  4. Was there APD brutality when dealing with a Ferguson protester? 
  5. Sandy Springs giveth, and Atlanta taketh.
  6. Some good news for those accused of orchestrating the APS cheating scandal: Judge Baxter “somewhat doubtful” about RICO charge. 
  7. Tom Price will play a key role in selecting the next CBO leader. 
  8. What does Atlanta need most of all? Another year of that Ferris Wheel is the answer. 
  9. AG Holder in Atlanta. 
  10. Coke teaming with SABMiller to conquer the African marketplace.
  11. Signs of Weakness in the SEC. 


  1. Ed says:

    For all the guff I give SEC fans the mental gymnastics the CFB Playoff Committee goes through to “justify” FSU’s slipping is absurd–and that “matters”. I have no doubt that if every top five team wins, and tOSU does it big while FSU “squeaks by”, the Noles will end up unranked.

    Gotta give the committee credit. Not even a full season in and they’re worse than the BCS. That takes effort.

    • blakeage80 says:

      Alright, be honest. How much did you pay Johnathan Clegg to write that article for you?
      P.S. I have cancelled Christmas because Tech is ranked higher than by beloved Dawgs.

  2. northside101 says:

    With all the talk about upcoming bowl games, maybe we should have 2 categories–teams that are “bowl eligible” and then “bowl worthy.” I suspect the second category would be much shorter than the first. Could not help but notice the irony when Frank Beamer, long time coach at Virginia Tech, said last week his team ‘deserves to go to a bowl” with a 6-6 record after beating in-state rival Virginia (which finished 5-7 for a third consecutive losing season.) Of course kudos to Tech and Georgia for their good records this year—though if you are a Georgia fan, you begin to wonder after 15 years of Mark Richt, will Georgia ever win another national championship—and if so, will I be around to see it?!?

  3. FranInAtlanta says:

    My take is that the SEC is doing to itself in football what the ACC did to itself in basketball. You can’t beat a majority of top ranked teams without 1) losing or 2) taking the edge off your capabilities (big injuries, nagging injuries, exhaustion).

    • Ed says:

      No, the SEC is overrated. Remember when everyone was flipping their lid about having three of the top four teams? Well now the SEC is in danger of missing out entirely on the playoffs and the Big XII has more teams in the top four (if we’re still using that arbitrary measure) than the SEC. Oh, and “the SEC” refers only to a few teams out of the SEC West. Yeah, it isn’t as good as you want to think.

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