Meeting About LaVista Hills, Tucker, Today At 1 PM

As many of you know, I’ve been asked to Chair a subcommittee tasked with drawing a boundary between the proposed cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker in DeKalb County. There are five of us on the subcommittee: Representatives Barry Fleming, Mark Hamilton, Howard Mosby, Mary Margaret Oliver, and of course me.

This afternoon we are holding a public hearing at the Capitol so that we can hear from leaders of the two proposed cities as well as take some public comment. We’re expecting a large crowd, since every other hearing we’ve had on this subject has attracted large crowds. One reason we’re holding this hearing at the Capitol is so that it can be streamed over the internet and the recording archived for future viewing.

To watch online beginning at 1 PM today use this link.

The meeting details are as follows:

WHAT: Public Meeting to hear from cityhood organizations

WHEN: Wednesday, December 3, 2014
1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Room 506
18 Capitol Square
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

To get an idea of all the proposed cities and annexations swirling around in DeKalb County, take a look at this map put together by the folks over at Decaturish. We have not been asked to solve all those issues, just the boundary dispute between the two proposed cites of Lavista Hills and Tucker.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    What a steaming mess. Lot’s of emotion and opinion. Very few facts and data. Good luck, but this pile should not be at your door.

  2. Jim Smith says:

    Rep. Brockway, I understand that your sub-committee was only tasked with solving one boundary dispute, but as you mentioned, each of the maps in question have boundary disputes with annexation efforts that will impact the maps of the two cities. How can just addressing the one dispute and ignoring all of the other conflicts be the most logical way to address this situation ? Your 2015 session is gonna be as painful as your 2014 session. And now, with all of the annexation efforts underway, far more people are being impacted, and that’s just the ones currently in proposed maps. What about the folks in islands, like Medlock Park ? They have been left in limbo wondering what will happen to them and NOBODY at the Capitol is doing anything to help the situation.

    Your subcommittee MUST work with Rep. Carter to broaden your study to all of the current annexation and cityhood movements. The residents of DeKalb deserve at least that.

  3. George Chidi says:

    For all the talk about how the business community would like to keep the commercial district to stay intact, much of that has elided over the actual reason why.


    Both cities want all the hotel-motel tax revenue they can get, because it allows for a tourism bureau budget. That budget is sloshy money that gets all kinds good things for elected officials.

    But a difference in hotel taxes for two hotels at comparable quality does all kinds of violence to the profitability projections and the real estate value of those properties. Aggregators like are merciless — a $5 change in a room night cost due to taxes might mean a loss of $25000 a year in revenue.

    That’s the sort of thing they’ll fight.

  4. objective says:

    Thanks for getting this streamed online. It was nice to listen in despite being unable to attend.
    Interesting array of feelings and perspectives, too.
    It still seems obvious to draw the line, more or less, down the middles of LaVista and Briarcliff Rds. There’s that little cut-through road that can be used too.
    I feel bad for the folks in Druid Hills who want to maintain their community of schools. But really they may not have to do anything to maintain that, except not get annexed by Atlanta. If only DeKalb schools offered them some sort of assurance…

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    Decatur doesn’t want to add students. As a result of their success in public education, their schools are overflowing.

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