RJ Hadley Running for DPG Chairman

RJ Hadley, the DPG vice chair for county affairs and a Rockdale County tax commissioner, threw his hat into the ring to run for DPG chairman.

In a statement to State Committee members, Hadley said it is encouraging that Democrats are “still standing” after the “beating” of the Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter campaigns.

He offered little information to how he would bring Democrats back to glory when making his announcement.

There will likely be at least three candidates for the DPG chairman, including Hadley. Incumbent Chairman DuBose Porter said he was running for reelection and whomever Kasim Reed backs (it won’t be Hadley) will also run. Unless there is a man who challenges Nikema Williams for first vice chair of the DPG, no women will run as DPG rules say the chair and first vice chair must be of opposite genders.

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