Paul Bennecke Selected As Executive Director Of Republican Governors Association

Paul Bennecke, a man who has made a tremendous impact to the Republican Party here in Georgia, has been selected by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to be the next Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association. From the Politico:

Republicans characterized the choice of Bennecke — like Haslam’s selection as RGA chairman — as a triumph of low-drama competence and stability at a committee that’s already perceived as a political success story. In a statement, Haslam cited Bennecke’s “deep experience and great success winning governor’s races” as the reasons for his selection.

I’ll also note that Paul was the College Republicans chairman at my alma mater of Dalton State College a few years before I attended there. He was well-regarded among a lot of the staff and professors there telling me I had big shoes to fill during my tenure as chairman of the Dalton State CRs. Indeed, I did.

Way to go, Paul! You certainly are making us proud.

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