Johns Creek Debates Election Schedule

How much representation is enough? That’s the question city officials in Johns Creek are asking as they debate when to schedule an election to replace two city council members who have resigned in order to run for Georgia House District 50, which became open when Lynn Riley was selected by Governor Deal to become Georgia’s next Revenue Commissioner.

Posts 2 and 5 on the Johns Creek City Council are vacant because Brad Raffensberger and Kelly Stewart decided to run for Riley’s seat. That election will be held on January 6th. But because elections can only be held on certain dates, the earliest their replacements could be elected would be in March. According to WSB Radio, the cost of running the special election for the two seats would be about $200,000, not exactly a minor expense, but not insurmountable, given that the city has upwards of $34 million on hand.

Because each of the six district commissioners occupy an At Large post, each of the north Fulton city’s residents continue to be represented by the four remaining council members, along with Mayor Mike Bodker. Because of that, city officials are debating holding the election to replace Raffensberger and Stewart in November, when an election for other posts is already planned. The city is surveying its residents to determine which is more important: the full seven seat Mayor and Council, or $200,000 in savings from postponing the election. City residents have until December 15th to decide.

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  1. drjay says:

    i guess every city charter is different, but i’m pretty sure our city appoints someone to fill the spot until next scheduled election…

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