RIP: Chuck Donovan

Chuck Donovan, the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s 2010 nominee for United States Senate, passed away on Wednesday, according to his wife, Claudia:

It is with great sadness that I let you know that Chuck passed away peacefully Wednesday night surrounded by family. Since suffering a massive brain hemorrhage in January and learning that he had cancer, he underwent radiation and chemotherapy until recently. During the ensuing months, Chuck was able to make the most of his time, enjoying activities with family and friends. To the end he never lost his enthusiasm for life, his sense of humor, or his kind, easy-going demeanor.

There will not be a funeral service for Mr. Donovan. His wife is urging friends and family to donate to the Foundation for Economic Education and the Ludwig von Mises Institute, two libertarian-leaning organization’s her husband respected, in lieu of flowers.