Morning Reads for Friday. November 28, 2014 We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming for This Very Important and Timely Message Regarding a State-wide Event on Saturday

Ahhh, fall. The crunch of the leaves underfoot as you walk to a stadium on a blue-skied Saturday. Fall makes people lose their minds, especially here.

Over the years, Georgia Tech fan’s dislike for a certain rival have crossed lines that would impress the most meanest of girls. This year is no exception.

If you’re visiting here from another planet, or have moved here from a frozen, northern place that celebrates spring sports, college football rules The South in the fall. The UGA / GT rivalry dates back to 1893, while hostilities date to as early as 1891. In genteel circles, we call it “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate”.

Originally, UGA’s colors were “old gold,” black and crimson. After the first game with GT, UGA removed the old gold color, but GT adopted it for their uniforms as a “proverbial slap in the face to UGA”. Classic projection, you see. They’ve been sniping at UGA ever since. The stats don’t lie about who rules this state. Out of 108 meetings, UGA won 64 games, tied 5 and lost 39. The current win streak is 5 in UGA’s favor.

Georgia has its work cut out for them, defending against the option. But this year, UGA’s on field stats are outstanding so Coach Turkey Neck has his work cut out for him as well.

Some even believe Johnson deserves a raise, because, after all, who else could GT get that’s any better?

Mark Bradley, that self-proclaimed collegiate pundit, says UGA/GT has become a tepid event. Of course, since neither coach excels at the visor-fling event, the hate heat has to come from the players and the fans. And this year feels pretty warm from where I’m sitting.

Short of a bowl trip, UGA says goodbye to a brilliant Senior Class. DGDs, all.

Speaking of bowls, commenter Hobnail_Boot wins the Comment of All Time Award for this gem they left on the Get The Picture blog in 2012, when debating those Wheaties boxes with pictures of college athletes and GT’s bowl prospects, like those two are loosely connected in some parallel universe, or not:


Haha, we see what you did there, and it’s still funny!

My family’s history would make you think I should have one of those “House Divided” tags on my car. One of my earliest memories is of a football game at Grant Field. My grandfather, a GT alum who passed away when I was six years old, took me to (evidently several) GT games when I was a youngling. Even today, I get a strong sense of déjà vu at certain spots of the GT campus.

In high school, I was accepted to both UGA and GT. I don’t remember if there was a struggle over which to accept. Perhaps my parents leaned toward GT; I could live at home, my grandfather’s tradition, save money, yadda, yadda, yadda. I picked UGA, at the time, for the band. I sent in my acceptance and after a quick audition, I was a Redcoat. And I’m a Redcoat to this day. My parents never looked back.

At my own sadly neglected blog, you can read my posts from years past. Yeah, it’s a topic.

Once a Dawg, Always a Dawg, How Sweet it is! GATA!



  1. PegM says:

    I am a torn woman….I claim dear friends from the Jacket world (Hi buzz and bj) and equally special dogs (Yo sully!). I will weep and gnash my teeth to the end….and never ever report a smile at the result.

  2. MattMD says:

    The Dwags have nothing to play for anymore. Win your division, clowns.

    Tech is due and is marching to an Orange Bowl.

    Goodbye, Georgia. Enjoy another Citrus/Outback bowl. Y’all are used to it by now, I’m sure. Hey, I might need another citrus fruit for my mimosa.

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