Happy Birthday Jon Richards

Today, Jon gets to share his birthday with Thanksgiving.  I’m sure he doesn’t mind. He’s great about things like that, and it’s not the first time he’s had to do so.  He tends to like to focus on more important things anyway, and usually doesn’t let himself get put first in most things.  He’s great like that too.

Quietly in the last year Jon assumed the title of “Front Page Editor” for Peach Pundit.  He’s volunteered and taken on a lot of the roles here that needed to be done, because he saw stuff that needed doing.  Now he tries to help play traffic cop with scheduling our posts, as well as takes the lead working with our interns to help them focus their skills to the….tastes of our readers.

Here at Peach Pundit he works without a lot of fanfare, much like he does in his GOP and civic activities.  So while we’re with our families and consuming too much food, give a toast as well to Jon on his birthday.  He’s earned it, even if he has to share.


  1. PegM says:

    Jon Richards is a secret weapon for just about any battle you may need to fight. He is awesome and I celebrate him.

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