Jack Kingston Heads Home

Last Friday, Congressman Jack Kingston left the office he’s held for 22 years.

Kingston, tied with Congressman Sanford Bishop for second longest-serving member of Georgia’s 16-man Congressional delegation, was the first Republican to win office in his coastal district since Reconstruction Era Andrew Sloan. By the end of his service, he was the senior member of the all-powerful House Appropriations Committee and the de facto leader of Georgia’s Republican delegation.

In a recent interview with Savannah-based WSAV, Kingston said he was most proud of his herculean (my word) efforts to deepen the Savannah Port as well as his advocacy for South Georgia’s military bases and agriculture industry. He advised the next Congress to “listen to the other side”, a comment that will likely be ignored by elected officials and noted by historians of American sclerosis. He praised “most members of Congress” and his staff for “a deep love of their country” (one delights to identify the others.)

Kingston-SnakesFor those looking for a metaphor, here’s a picture of his recent snake-handling trip:

If you watch that interview, you’ll notice  a brief shot of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Congressman Kingston (let’s be honest, we all called him Jack) was a frequent guest of that program, one of the last bastions of actual debate in the American media. In this clip, Jack shows the humor and humility that endeared him to his constituents and supporters; he labels a 2008 debate between candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as “whipping each other with Kleenexes” then laughs at his own political chicanery. Maher responds with “I’ll give you the best compliment I can: I don’t even think of you as a politician, because you’ve always been straight with me on this show.” For further evidence, see his fishing trip to the Reflecting Pool with Stephen Colbert. 

According to WSAV, Kingston did not rule out another run at political office. Let’s hope not.

Eons ago, Jack Kingston ran for US Senate. I backed Jack, so I’ll give the last word to Charlie, who said when he shared one of Jack’s last Facebook posts, “Jack Kingston: Served with honor, leaving with dignity.”


  1. drjay says:

    one of my favorite guys!!
    idk how to post a picture on here, but if i did it would be my fam on the capital steps with jack back on 08, on our son’s birthday trip to dc, when jack gave him a flag that had flown over the capital as a gift, it’s on my fb page as a tbt picture from some time over the summer…

  2. saltycracker says:

    The picture of Kingston is probably related to the Eastern Indigo Snake initiative by the Oriane Society, a non-political endeavor for endangered species and preservative. The Eastern Indigo is the largest snake in North America. The coolest snake we have.

    Kingston gets points in my book for this effort and probably influenced added research centers in GA. For more information:


  3. blakeage80 says:

    If David Perdue wants to win authenticity points, he too needs to be photographed in camo and a 3/4 sleeve shirt. I doubt he would look as natural as Mr. Kingston does here.

  4. Richard says:

    Jack is a delightful and humble person, an exceedingly rare pair of qualities in a politician. I would also like to point out that unlike some, he and Saxby did not get rich in office. His beliefs are sincere, and I too hope we have not heard the last of him. Now is the time for him to spend with his very attractive and close family. Maybe go to Nashville and watch his daughter in concert.

  5. PegM says:

    David Perdue should look to Jack Kingston as an example to follow. For starters actually like the people who voted for you and care enough to know their names. Jack was truly a leader of the people, by the people and for the people. Washington has lost part of it’s soul with jack’s retirement.

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