Morning Reads: Locals Thank Obama, A “New Car” Smell in ’16, A Turkey-Eating Record


Former DC Mayor Marion Barry dies at 78
Obama: Americans want a “new car smell” in 2016
Obama defends moves on immigration
Buffalo gets ready for flooding
Oh, my. There’s going to be a lotta people on the road this weekend


Georgia lawmaker wants schools to go digital by 2020
Local supporters thank Obama for immigration plan
Andrew Young gives Herman Russell benediction


I don’t really care about this, because the Falcons aren’t going to be in the Super Bowl anyway, but …


Talk about a surprise visit at the airport
Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest

The Holiday Season

One of the best Thanksgiving columns I’ve read since Furman Bisher died


  1. Noway says:

    As long as we’re showing sentimental columns, it’s time for Grizzard’s homage to his black lab, Catfish. Try keeping a dry eye after reading this one. I just hope I got the link right. I have it framed on my wall, along with Luckovich’s color cartoon of Catfish’s meeting Lewis at the Pearly Gates.

  2. blakeage80 says:

    Funny. I always thought I lived in North Georgia, being North of I-20 and all. However, according to the AJC Clarke County is in middle Georgia. I feel like I just found out Santa Claus isn’t real. (Sorry if the Santa thing was news to anyone.)

      • blakeage80 says:

        So your telling me, indirectly, that Clarke County is in North GA? Great article by the way. I’d never seen that before. Can I refer Ed to this article when he writes his next SEC bash rant?

        • MattMD says:

          I think Northeast Georgia is the most accurate. North Georgia generally refers to the mountains and foothills, after you cross 85.

    • androidguybill says:

      If you compare the Santa Claus myth to the FACT of the extremely fascinating and influential life of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (upon whom the Santa Claus myth is partially based) then you will find that the latter is much preferable to the former. There was actually an effort to distribute and market a movie based on Nicholas of Myra, but – not surprisingly – they could not obtain financial backing, largely because so many people strongly prefer the myth.

      • Ellynn says:

        I get a St Nichola’s package (vs UPS most years) every December 6th. It’s a velvet stocking and full of books and coffee beans.

        German Traditions and Catholic feast days rule!!!

  3. CountPetofi says:

    Hagel is out. No surprise there. He was a lightweight in the first place and never should have even had the job.

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