Isakson On Hagel “Resignation”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., issued the following statement regarding the resignation of U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel:

 “Whether a resignation or a firing of Secretary Hagel, this decision reflects the uncertainty of this administration as it relates to foreign policy in general, and in particular the destruction of ISIS. Given the crisis with ISIS, along with situations of unrest in the Ukraine, Iran, and west Africa, this president and his administration need to send a clear message of strength and commitment.”


    • blakeage80 says:

      While I imagine there are plenty of potential presidential contenders willing to start such a conversation, but I can’t imagine The President reciprocating. Think he’ll sneak in another recess appointment?

  1. Will Durant says:

    The Mideast turmoil cannot be resolved by the Secretary of Defense. To use the old cliché: Just because we have the best hammer in the world doesn’t mean every problem is a nail.

    • TheEiger says:

      The problem is that this president and his team can’t even tell you what the problem is let alone what tool is needed to fix it.

      • Michael Silver says:

        You are assuming that the problem Obama is fixing is the same problem you think he should fix.

        Obama views America as the problem and intends to do everything possible to ‘bring the chickens home to roost’.

  2. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Leave it to our brave Republican representatives to never let an opportunity to throw stones at Obama pass them by. Unless you’re actually offering solutions or worthwhile input, just shut the heck up, Tom & Johnny.

  3. MattMD says:

    Can someone remind me why we are having to deal with ISIS in the first place?

    Who kicked over that anthill?

    • Harry says:

      Truly it’s not our fight anymore. Let the Sunnis and Shiites etc. work it out among themselves. That’s all.

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