Simone Bell becomes First Openly Gay/Lesbian Legislative Officer

On Wednesday, the House Democratic Caucus convened to elect their leadership. Simone Bell is the new Chief Deputy Minority Whip. As the title says, she is now the first openly-gay/lesbian legislative leader. Pat Gardner is the other addition she will serve as secretary.

Two noteworthy things about their leadership: only one member is white (Gardner), and only one (Hugley) comes from outside of Metro Atlanta, but she represents Muscogee County.

Here’s the Democrats’ leadership lineup.

  • House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams
  • House Minority Whip Carolyn F. Hugley
  • House Minority Chairman Virgil Fludd
  • House Minority Vice-Chairman Billy Mitchell
  • House Minority Treasurer David Wilkerson
  • House Minority Chief Deputy Whip Simone Bell
  • House Minority Secretary Pat Gardner

“I look forward to working with the members of the caucus and those voted into leadership positions in promoting legislation that will ensure Georgia’s families have access to affordable healthcare, the best public education, and a secure economy to support their families,”  said Rep. Abrams.

Rep. Fludd added, “The Caucus will continue advancing our legislative agenda of promoting economic security and educational opportunity for the citizens of Georgia who deserve more from their government.”