DuBose Porter Running for Reelection as DPG Chairman

DuBose Porter announced on Wednesday he and First Vice Chair Nikema Williams are running for reelection. Judging from initial reaction on FB, Georgia Democrats seem happy with decision, despite their poor showing at the polls on Nov. 4.

While Democrats where shellacked (which Porter acknowledges “stung like Hell”), his chairmanship was one of the few bright spots. He and Williams inherited a mess, with their former chair being run out of office 18 months ago and recently being indicted by a federal grand jury. Williams basically saved the DPG from immediate insolvency and then Porter righted the ship to be able to conduct a campaign.

Not that Democrats care or should heed my advice but the problem this cycle was not DPG leadership. The GOP wave, unpopularity of Obama and some lackluster campaigning were the problems. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to get rid of Porter or Williams.

In a statement to DPG State Committee members, Porter said:

And in the end, we did better than anyone would have predicted just one year ago, and we did better than we have done since the Republican Party became competitive in our state in 2002.

Progress is incremental. Sometimes it is a small step forward, sometimes it’s a giant leap. In different capacities, we have moved in both of these ways over the past year and a half.  Now is not the time to start over from scratch.

When I stood for election as your chair, I laid out more than complaints about what had gone wrong.  I offered a vision for where we would go next.  Then I put my shoulder to the wheel, helped recruit smart candidates, find resources and establish trust in our party again.  From local races to national contests, Georgia matters.  With your support, I will continue our march to majority – refusing to be set back and demanding of myself, and every one of us, that we redouble our efforts going forward. They are scared and we’re gonna keep them that way.


  1. northside101 says:

    Maybe Dubose should have started “party rebuilding” first in his home county (Laurens). Perdue got 61 percent there this year, Deal 60 percent. Rick Allen (12th CD nominee against Barrow this year) got 56 percent there. Romney got 61 percent in the county in 2012. When Dubose gave up his State House seat a few years ago (2010), it was won by Republican Matt Hatchett. Laurens probably hasn’t voted Democrat for governor since 1998 (Barnes). Look at the map of southeast Georgia counties—a mostly solid sea of red this cycle and in other recent ones—and he faces a daunting statewide task…

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