Rumor Mill 2016: Someone’s Desire To Draft Columbus Mayor for US Senate Bid

Because it’s too dang early never too early to speculate about the next election cycle, there is a Facebook page out there hoping to draft Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson to run for US Senate in 2016.



  1. GOPundit says:

    I’m fine with that… At least she won’t be Mayor any more. The biggest question is what party will she run as?

  2. Joseph says:

    The most likely source of this page is someone looking for political favor when running for a local City Council position to be elected in 2016. The Page just posted an update stating that they are looking to draft the Mayor to seek the Democratic nomination. Local speculation is that she would seek a different federal office upon completion of her term as Mayor in 2018 (she’s term limited).

    There are other likely sources, too – ones that simply like to throw stuff in the air to see what happens – like front page postings on PeachPundit.

  3. Ha, I don’t think 2016 Senate race is probably a good race for her, but I’m reminded of the absolute disconnect between the GOP/Chamber establishment who pushed their guy against her this past year and we were told here and elsewhere about what a close race it would be and she won with 63% of the vote.

  4. Josh McKoon says:

    Hey Chris,

    If one candidate spends $300,000 and the other $40,000, who is the establishment candidate?

    Asking for a friend.

    But seriously, Muscogee County voting for a Democrat is about as newsworthy as the headline “Dog Bites Mailman”

    It routinely goes 60/40 for Dems…but I will say this–Colin Martin ran for Mayor because he was concerned about very real problems in our community. He did so knowing the odds against him but offered a great alternative and ran a campaign committed to the issues facing our community, which having remained unresolved, led to two of our top public safety officials suing the Consolidated Government for failing to properly fund their departments.

    • nadinethehowlingdemocrat says:

      Colin Martin was the better Candidate. He did not start raising money until January 2014, three months before the election. Tomlinson started January 2013. It was a low voter turnout and deals were made. She pimped the African American Bubble, of whom many work have spouses tho work for the city or the school system.

      2016 will be very interesting for the African American Elected officials. Many of them will not be returning to the state delegation. If they do, they will be very tired because there is a price to pay for pimping the black community. You can pimp the African Americans, they are needy but you can’t pimp proud black folks and get away with it.

      She was challenged because people wanted someone else.

      Peters was elected to two terms but Peters was never challenged. He is a people first person. Frank Martin was the architect of this city but Bobby Peters built this city. Columbus needed Peters for a third term but our charter does not allow that.

  5. nathansmithcols says:

    whatever it takes to get her OUT of Columbus, is fine with me. Please somebody take her off our hands!!!!!!

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