Morning Reads — Atlanta Leading the Nation Since 1600?

Could it be that a settlement near what is now Atlanta is older than Jamestown? 

The Oscar Peterson Trio with “Autumn Leaves.”

  1. Brad Edwards: Disagree with Ed about the SEC if you want. You’ll just be wrong. 
  2. Georgia’s senior Senator in the running for two committee chairmanships. 
  3. The latest, haunting story exploring what caused Geddy Kramer to attempt a mass shooting at the FedEx facility where he worked. 
  4. Just as an aside: having the AJC tell readers to go to to listen to the songs on Kramer’s playlist seems pruriently macabre.
  5. Kennesaw City Council tables vote from xenophobes level-headed citizens who are concerned with a mosque in their backyard. 
  6. You haven’t seen the last of Jason Carter!
  7. Fiat-Chrysler CEO ordered to be deposed in Georgia court. 
  8. The other big labor dispute in Atlanta was settled. 
  9. Maria Saporta offers a remembrance of Herman Russell. 
  10. Another letter from J. Edgar Hoover to King. Its just as bizarre as all of Hoover’s other attempts to entrap his targets. 
  11. Info on the definitive MLK biopic. 
  12. Atlanta Magazine: books are better than non-books.
  13. GSU star shortlisted as one of the country’s best basketball players. 


  1. xdog says:

    Hi Ed. Didn’t we do Autumn Leaves last week? Maybe. Thanks for the French-in-Atlanta story. And your Brad Edwards link mis-directs.

    • Ed says:

      1) Awww you remember! Yes this has been my latest in an appreciation series.
      2) Fixed the link. It is funny how people are so breathlessly waiting for my latest dissembling of all things SEC football.
      3) With that in mind… Jeff Long has some serious cognitive dissonance here saying Bama is #1 because “they won a decisive victory over previously No. 1 Mississippi State.” OK, but why is MSU 4? “We would say Alabama controlled that game and won, it did end up a five-point game and you never felt like Mississippi State was out of that game.” Just… no. You can’t have it both ways and MSU was in fact “out of that game” and they lost by 5 courtesy of a TD in junk time.
      4) Just fantastic, the unbiased playoff committee is clearly just going to go “SEC team lost, still better than beating anyone.”

  2. Noway says:

    Ed, interesting article you cite on a French colony being discovered here in the metro area. I hope you have not accidentally pi**ed off some of the practitioners of that famous Religion of Peace who claimed a couple of days ago that it was Muslims who discovered America! Supposedly, early explorers found natives speaking Arabic! Wow!! Here’s hoping you are not the next Salman Rushdie….

  3. penguin says:

    I hope you including that Kennesaw anti-Mosque article doesn’t tip of Fox News. This could definitely be another Muslim Community Center at the WTC site type issue.
    Also, when was the last time that there was a public hearing about the parking and traffic issues from all the mega churches out there? Someone should have gone and testified about the mass amounts of empty strip malls in that area, I think they’ll manage to find more space. Also, I seem to remember Kennesaw having no issues with having church services inside public schools on weekends. Not seeing how that is less controversial then using a sacred RETAIL space for prayer.

  4. Ellynn says:

    To sum up our reads today, Atlanta has a French settlement (which is really English) that Dates back to at least 1680, and a top 50 NCAA basket ball player… And SEC football is over rated.

    Another small school with a top 50 NCAA player (Keifer Sykes) is UW Green Bay, and the city was a real French settlement founded in 1634. And the local NCAA Big 10 school has the same record as Georgia, a better record the Auburn but is ranked lower then they are…

    But Ed what I really want to know is why Idaho (1-6) is ranked below Georgia State (0-7) in the Sun Belt conference…

    • Ed says:

      1) The letter provides evidence that the settlement was in existence from at least 1600.
      2) I’d rather not be founded by Frogs.
      3) You made no other points.

  5. Jon Lester says:

    I’d like to see mosques in Cumming, Peachtree City and Woodstock.

    Did you notice that the Examiner copy editor overlooked the use of “collaborating” in place of “corroborating?”

  6. saltycracker says:

    The first European wandering through Georgia was Spain’s own Hernando De Soto and what is important is he noted the first record of BBQ (barbacoa) in GA in 1540 !
    Ga was a buffer area between the Catholic Spanish and Protestant English with a lot of Indian villages.

    In 1565 St. Augustine was settled and its 450th anniversary makes it a must visit in 2015.

    The Spanish ran the French out of coastal GA in 1566. Could be a few went to Melilot.
    Jamestown was settled in 1607. Report says English settlers came to Melilot in 1621.
    Assuming Europeans were wandering around Atlanta they were refuges in friendly Indian country.
    It went to dust.

    In 1721 the English built a fort on the Altamaha River as the Southern boundary of GA.
    In 1732 Oglethorpe got a shot at settling GA.
    The land down to the St Mary’s was no man’s land and became GA’s in a 1763 treaty with Spain. The western border was the proclamation line of 1761.

    For native DNA, migration and tribal attacks on GA from the south head on over to National Geographic. They will show you the common DNA of native tribes of the Americas and most trace back to migrations across the land bridge Asia to N.A.

    As a participant in their genographic project their human migration findings are most interesting. They will run your DNA tracks back 70,000 years, marker by marker, region by region. These studies have messed up many a personal interpretation by some historian.

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