Committee Chosen to Draw DeKalb City Boundaries

We told you earlier this week about the failure by groups proposing new cities in north central DeKalb County to come to an agreement about boundaries for what could become the cities of Tucker and Lakeside Briarcliff LaVista Hills.

With the November 15th deadline to submit boundary line proposals having come and gone, Georgia House Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Amy Carter (R-Valdosta) has named a five member panel to play Solomon and divide the baby draw the boundaries for the proposed cities. State Reps. on the panel include Chairman Rep. Buzz Brockway (R-Lawrenceville), Rep. Barry Fleming (R-Harlem), Rep. Mark Hamilton (R-Cumming), Rep. Howard Mosby (D-Atlanta) and Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur).

In a press release, Carter said,

At the outset, I was very hopeful that the DeKalb cityhood proponents could come together and agree upon boundaries for the proposed cities. Unfortunately, their efforts failed to result in one, unified map. I am following through on the pledge to appoint a five person subcommittee of state House members to draw a map for the proposed DeKalb cities after stakeholders couldn’t come to an agreement on their own. This bi-partisan group of Governmental Affairs Committee members will convene a meeting, gather input, draw a map and complete this effort by December 31, 2014. I want to thank the members of this subcommittee in advance for their commitment to seeing this effort through to the end.

The baby to be divided is the commercial area surrounding Northlake Mall. The property taxes paid by the owners of the commercial land will go a long way towards paying the operating expenses of whichever city or cities it is part of.

Here is a thought experiment for members of the committee: Which would you prefer to do over the holidays, negotiate boundaries that will keep all parties happy, or campaign for a January runoff between David Perdue and Michelle Nunn?


  1. It will be interesting to see how the cityhood proponents feel about this. They HATE HATE HATE having “South DeKalb criminals” that they feel don’t represent them in charge. Now it will instead be mostly a bunch of people that aren’t even from the same area as them. Someone from Valdosta! Oh well, I’m guessing their hatred of South DeKalb is greater than their distaste at having people who couldn’t find Oak Grove on a map choose their destiny.

  2. SallyForth says:

    Huh? Check your map, Chris. All 5 members of the subcommittee are from metro area counties, and 2 of the members are from DeKalb County. Plus they have all the cumulative info on this issue from the 2013-14 legislative term. Carter has appointed a reasonable subcommittee makeup to help the three groups; give ’em a chance.

      • bgsmallz says:

        When Buzz starts taking my tax dollars and disproportionately spending them on police, roads, and parks in other areas, then we can talk.

        Brookhaven provided 10-15% of the county’s digest and yet it’s parks got less than 3% of the county budget for operations. They didn’t pave roads. They didn’t fix problems. Oh…and when they actually tried to fix them, it was only as a political stunt (see the memo about the Murphey Candler shoreline from Kathie Gannon’s staff telling Burrell Ellis that they’ve known it’s a problem for years but if they can turn it into a pr op they might do something about it) Even Atlanta did something about their pension problems. I listened to 5 years of how pensions and employee costs sunk the budget during the recession and saw no one actually do anything about it.

        Blaming ‘them’ for not liking DeKalb is tired and does nothing to address any of the issues…that’s why it is the perfect play for Dekalb loyalists. Bravo.

    • bgsmallz says:

      In the 80s…. Lavista Rd was Tucker. Henderson High was Tucker. (shamrock high was not) Northlake Festival was Tucker. Rehoboth was Tucker. Northlake Parkway was Tucker. Tucker was as ambiguous as Decatur. Methinks that those creating a new brand better have a better argument than ‘that’s not really part of that place that already exists’.

      • gcp says:

        Lavista runs all the way to Atlanta. Northlake Festival is considered “Northlake”, not Tucker. Tucker High is considered Tucker; Henderson High (now Henderson Middle) was considered Atlanta or Chamblee for mail purposes. Agree on Rehoboth, its Tucker.

        How about if we make it simple for everyone and use 285 as the boundary.

  3. objective says:

    Tucker is still that widespread, and the official address for businesses in those locations. It seems like an obvious compromise would be splitting jurisdictions down the middles of LaVista Rd and Briarcliff Rd. But I imagine there’s a reason why that option isn’t being used.

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