Senator Jesse Stone withdraws name for Judgeship

Just days after winning re-election for his state senate seat, Senator Jesse Stone announced via his Facebook page that he has withdrawn his name for Burke County State Court Judge. He wrote,

The letter below was hand delivered to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal shortly after my re-election to the State Senate. I felt that I should share this with my constituents, friends, and supporters. As promised, I formally withdrew my name from consideration to fill the vacancy of the State Court of Burke County. I was very honored to have been nominated by numerous people in the community.

You might recall his ‘He loves his Senate seat, he loves his Senate seat not‘ debacle back in March when no one could figure out what he actually wanted to do. But for now, he will stay where he is…because November 4th.

Below is a screenshot of his letter from his Facebook page.


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  1. Will Durant says:

    Even given the dubious nature of some of the Governor’s appointments, how could he have possibly chosen Stone after having to veto the liberty quashing Private Probation bill? Especially since the judge’s get to pick the companies almost at their own whim and Stone’s additions to the bill made the process more opaque than it currently exists.

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