Happy Birthday Stefan

Today is our Democratic Politics Editor Stefan Turkheimer’s birthday.  It’s hard to say the customary “happy birthday” knowing that he lost his faithful dog Buzz yesterday.  I’ll admit I was unaware he had a pet named after our Republican Politics Editor, but I will assume the name was chosen years ago when we used to joke around here about building our own Buzz Brockway in our basement.

Anyway, birthdays around here are when we often recognize the work of those that volunteer their time to help bring you the “fresh political pickins from the Blueberry Peach state”.  Stefan has had a rather unique role with us, as someone from the leaners of the left.  The scrutiny that all of our contributors face due to associating with us is often more than some expect upon joining.  For our original Democratic contributors it has always been a bit higher, as our Democrats get it not only from the Republicans, but also from within their own circles for helping out us right wing zealots that congregate here.

Stefan has managed to navigate through all of that, and helped us create a balance where we can have a full debate from all angles of Georgia’s political circles.  I’m sure there were days when Buzz was likely the only one that didn’t judge him for it.  Myself, the other Buzz, and the rest of Peach Pundit remain glad he’s one of us, and hope he still has a great day today, and many more great years ahead.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Stefan is a PP positive causing us to think it through, consider the variables and better understand matters before concluding, Nah, to his positions. Happy birthday. 🙂

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