Shafer Re-elected As Senate President Pro Tem; Cowsert New Majority Leader; Gooch New Majority Whip.

Congratulations to Senator David Shafer who has just been re-elected as President Pro Tem by the Senate GOP caucus, at the meeting still underway.  Shafer faced a challenge from Butch Miller, after Renee Unterman removed her name from consideration.  The race was first cast as a tie, but a re-vote moved things along to Shafer.

Senator Shafer released the following statement regarding the caucus elections:

“I am grateful to my fellow Republicans in the Senate for their vote of renewed confidence today. I look forward to working with Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert and our new Caucus leadership team in making Georgia the best place to work, worship and raise children.”

The Senate elections, while contested, remark a bit of a change from recent Senate elections.  Rather than fight these battles through surrogates (and leaks to fine folks like us), the campaigns have largely been conducted Senator to Senator, with the hopes that differences can quickly be put aside so that the caucus can work with more cohesion than it has during…some other years.  There will be a lot of work to do during the next two years, and many in the Senate have suggested they wish to put these elections behind them quickly so they may be able to focus on what is expected to be a relatively long and intense session beginning in less than 2 months.

Bill Cowsert has been elected Majority Leader to replace the retiring Ronnie Chance.

Steve Gooch has been elected Majority Whip to replace the retiring Cecil Staton.

William Ligon is the new Caucus Chairman.

Hunter Hill is the new Caucus Vice-Chairman.

John Wilkinson is the new Caucus Secretary.

Congratulations to all the new Senate/GOP caucus leaders.  Now get on to the people’s business.


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  1. Charlie says:

    ATLANTA (November 17, 2014) | Sen. Butch Miller (R – Gainesville) has released the following statement regarding the leadership elections held today by the Senate Majority Caucus:

    “I am significantly humbled by the support I received while pursuing the President Pro Tempore nomination from my Republican colleagues. Although my efforts may have fallen short, I have great confidence in the newly-elected leadership team and know they will continue to work hard for Georgia citizens.

    Success is not measured on a single event. With the experience of this race, as well as serving as Senate Majority Caucus chair, I am a better man and a better servant of the 49th District and the State of Georgia. I will work tirelessly—every single day—to make life better for Georgia families.

    The Senate Majority Caucus is stronger today than it was yesterday, and we are united in our shared commitment to improving the quality of life of all Georgians. We will continue to protect our core conservative principles and advance ideas that will contribute to our great state’s overall prosperity. I am excited to be a part of this process, I am excited for Georgia, and I look forward to a great tomorrow.”

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