Johnny Isakson Announces Re-Election Bid

Senator Johnny Isakson announces his intention to seek a third term at the State Capitol in Atlanta as Governor Nathan Deal and other look on,  Photo:  Jon Richards
At the State Capitol in Atlanta, Senator Johnny Isakson announces his intention to seek a third term
as Governor Nathan Deal and others look on. Photo: Jon Richards

Senator Johnny Isakson made official today what has been known by most politically connected Georgians for months: he is running for a third term in the U.S. Senate. Isakson made the announcement in front of several hundred people at a ceremony today at the Gold Dome.

“I made the decision sometime back, along with my wife Dianne and my family, that the good Lord willing and Georgians supporting that I would run again for the United States Senate,” said Isakson during today’s announcement.

“There are two principle reasons that I made that decision: I did not want to become a ‘lame duck’ senator in the United States Senate for two years,” Isakson continued. “I want to work every day, shoulder-to-shoulder, with this governor and this legislature to move Georgia forward.”

“Reason number two, I learned everything I know about legislating on the third floor of both sides of this building. I was in the state Senate and in the state House. I learned the legislative process under a Constitution that requires a balanced budget, that doesn’t allow you to deficit-spend, under a Constitution that works like the federal government ought to work, but doesn’t.”

“And I want to try and continue to do what I’ve done for 16 years in Washington, and that’s bring Georgia values and Georgia conservatism to the capital of the United States of America in Washington. They need that really bad!”

In addition to Governor Deal, who introduced Isakson to the crowd, dignitaries present included Congressmen Jack Kingston, Doug Collins, Phil Gingrey and Tom Graves. Also present were Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, and Agriculture Secretary Gary Black. Speaker of the House David Ralston and Senate President Pro Tem David Shafer, and quite a few state senators and representatives were also in attendance.

The very visible presence of Congressman Graves was notable, given that there had been rumors he was being recruited by Tea Party groups to mount a primary challenge against Isakson.


  1. jmacs12000 says:

    Someone please update me – What’s “Johnny’s attendance record at the US Senate this last 6 years? How’s his health? Just exactly what are his noteworthy achievements while a US Senator?
    On his watch thousands of dollars were stolen from taxpayers for bonuses paid to government workers for forging records? Veterans were “screwed” in the process and those workers are still there. His outspoken opposition to Obamacare? All I hear there is crickets. Bengazi – same crickets heard. Immigration? Awful quiet here too. Surely, there has to be SOMEBODY with more guts, can speak in a public forum without the Washington doubletalk, and the average joe knows where this guy stands. Hiding for 6 years making statements in newsletters which really say nothing is not nor will it ever help this Country or Georgia. Helps him financially but that’s about it.

    • Charlie says:

      Perhaps one of the most ignorant comments on the blog this month.

      You’re not looking for an update, you’re trolling.

      Pace yourself, you’ve got two full years. And then another six.

    • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

      Are you really ready to play this game again. All it just got you was Chambliss replaced by ChamblissLite®. Best case scenario if Isakson doesn’t run is you get another Perdue, worst case would be Nunn wins this time on Hillary’s coattails.

      • Noway says:

        No one will primary and beat Isakson. Regardless of how effective you think he’s been – it ain’t gonna happen. Nunn will try again, be sure of that. Cleland could run, though, and give him a better race. The climate would have been good for Max this last time around. It was a mistake on his part not to try.

        • alpha male says:

          neither Nunn or Cleland will run against Johnny. He will draw no serious opposition from the dems. They will put up a low budget sacrificial lamb and wait the the gubernatorial in 18 for a serious run.

    • Bobloblaw says:

      “”On his watch thousands of dollars were stolen from taxpayers for bonuses paid to government workers for forging records? Veterans were “screwed” in the process and those workers are still there.””

      Talk to Harry Reid

    • Will Durant says:

      Georgia was near the top of the charts at reelecting incumbents once again. I don’t see that changing in just 2 years regardless of demos. Among the other things I want changed with our election process is the elimination of giving the uninformed voters a cheat by indicating who the incumbent is on the ballot.

      • The problem is the old Democratic party taught the voters well the virtue of re-electing the incumbent. We had a brief reset period where people changed the D to R but the practice, and largely the people, are still in place.

        • Michael Silver says:

          We need warning labels on the voting machines:

          WARNING: This is not a test of who is in office today. This is your choice of who will be in office in January.

  2. Richard says:

    Chances are he will be Chairman of the Veterans’ Committee, and maybe Ethics. Nunn and/or Carter run for Mayor of Atlanta. Isakson’s health is just fine, hence this early announcement. Johnny has always operated under the philosophy you can get a lot of good things done if you don’t care who gets the credit. His fellow Senators know how valuable he is, and so do the voters who pay attention to this great Statesman. Who will run against him in a Primary contest? Every likely possibility was at the announcement except Allen West.
    Democrat? Not Kasim, he needs to make some money. Max? Give me a break.

    • gcp says:

      Agree he won’t have a serious challenge from his party or the democrats but for those of us that want a little less federal government from republicans and democrats; well, Isakson has not done much.

      • Richard says:

        He believes in that, but he’s not like Chucky Schumer or Ted Cruz; you won’t get run over if you get between Johnny and a camera.

        • gcp says:

          His voting record is one of more spending, not less spending; everything from voting for medicare part D right up to his vote for last years farm bill.

        • seenbetrdayz says:

          Well then, he’s one of the most timid small government people in Washington who accidentally keeps voting for more government.

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