No Agreement Reached on Proposed DeKalb Cities

A November 15th deadline has come and gone without an agreement being reached over proposed boundaries for new cities in north-central DeKalb County. The Decaturish blog has the details:

The supporters of Briarcliff and Lakeside said they will make an announcement Monday about their proposal to create a city that combines both maps. They’ll also announce what the city’s name will be. Leading up to the deadline and throughout Saturday it became clear that supporters of Tucker and Lakeside-Briarcliff were not making progress.

Speaking late Sunday, Mary Kay Woodworth, with LakesideYES and Allen Venet with the City of Briarcliff Initiative said the three groups were unable to reach a compromise.

“We are disappointed that we were not able to reach agreement with Tucker, despite our best efforts,” Woodworth said. “We look forward to the next step of the process as we strive to create a new city in North/Central DeKalb County.”

The group trying for a city of Tucker issued this statement on their website:

Although it is unfortunate that all parties did not come to a mutually beneficial agreement by the November 15th legislative deadline, we appreciate the opportunity given to us by the State Legislature to determine city boundaries at the local level and want to thank former Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd for the time he invested in these discussions.

The Tucker community remains committed to cityhood for Tucker, and trusts that the process as determined by House Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Amy Carter will bring about a solution that is fair and respectful of our long-standing and recognized community while allowing our neighbors in other areas to achieve their own vision of local control.

The map of the proposed City of Tucker remains consistent, and is still available on our website and Facebook page.

The major bone of contention between the two competing groups appears to be what to do about the Northlake Mall area. The commercial properties in that area would be a good part of the tax base needed to fund city operations. In other words, nothing has really changed since we wrote about this last year, except that the Lakeside and Briarcliff groups have combined their efforts.

The next step, according to the AJC, will be to have a five member panel appointed by the Georgia House Governmental Affairs Committee chair Amy Carter of Valdosta draw the borders of the proposed cities by the end of the year. The legislature could then use those maps during the 2015 session to decide which if any of the cities would be formed.


    • bgsmallz says:

      Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure most people would assume that statement means you are ready to vote pro-city considering the state of the Dekalb government.

  1. saltycracker says:

    Confusing process. Wouldn’t the commercial property owners have a role in the decision ? County hands are tied vs. Cities but aren’t annexations a property owner application or can legislators just draw you in ?

    A city in Cherokee ran a city tax abatement idea to get annexations but it went away for some reason. Are the cities restricted in their ability to cut a tax deal to annex ?

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    As if the process wasn’t already fubar, there will now be 5 state reps to draw the lines. Whose driving this train? What state reps are going to draw the lines? DeKalb County reps? Those representing the affected area, or people that don’t represent DeKalb or the communities involved?

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