Peach Pass: Now Accepted in North Carolina and Florida

If you’re used to avoiding the traffic with your Peach Pass on I-85, you’ll now be able to save time and money by skipping out on traditional cash-based toll booths in North Carolina and Florida, too. Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) Executive Director Christopher Tomlinson explains:

“Through this enhanced Peach Pass benefit, Georgia motorists can enjoy their travels to Florida and North Carolina without stopping to pay at toll booths or paying a separate higher priced video bill,” Tomlinson explained in a press release. “Peach Pass customers will receive the same toll rate as SunPass and NC Quick Pass customers instead of the higher cash toll rates charged in both states. This partnership signifies our continued effort to enhance mobility and quality of life for every Georgian.”

The partnership works both ways, so you’ll likely see more Florida and North Carolina plates traveling down I-85 and future Peach Pass-compatible toll roads. This type of interoperability is only going to become more common: the 2012 federal Highway Bill (MAP-21) “requires that all Federal-aid highway toll facilities implement technologies or business practices that provide for the interoperability of electronic toll collection by October 1, 2016.”


  1. eburke says:

    So Floridians can use our Lexus Lanes while many Georgians who don’t live in metro Atlanta but happen to get stuck in its traffic once in a while get to watch them speed by. Thanks a lot.

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