Kingston Says No To Executive Action On Amnesty

Congressman Jack Kingston’s office put out a presser earlier today condemning President Obama’s decision to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants via executive action. From Rep. Kingston’s presser:

Washington – Congressman Jack Kingston (GA-1) called on President Barack Obama to abandon his plans to enact illegal executive amnesty by executive order after media reports indicated that the Obama Administration’s plans could provide amnesty to as many as 5 million of those currently in this country illegally:

“This is a major shift in law and should go through the full scrutiny of the legislative process like any major reform. This move exhibits a failure of leadership and a tin ear to the American people who oppose amnesty in any form. If the President really wants to reform our immigration system, he should work with Congress to build consensus on reforms that make America more competitive and protect future generations from undue burden.”

Kingston is chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Office of Refugee Resettlement for migrant children.

What are your thoughts on Congressman Kingston’s position on this issue? Agree or disagree?



  1. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Maybe if the GOP had spent more time engaging with the President than they did screaming “amnesty, amnesty, amnesty” we could have had a consensus immigration reform bill that flowed through the traditional legislative channels.

    Honestly guys, you can’t disconnect the phone and then complain that the President never calls.

    • David C says:

      Yeah. Senate passed a bipartisan bill with 68 votes, including 14 Republican votes, and the House would have passed it on a free vote, but Boehner and co sat on it because “Amnesty! Amnesty! Amnesty!”

    • Bobloblaw says:

      So youre saying is that anytime the congress fails to act, the President should just issue an executive order. So much for balance of powers. More like a dictator with a rubber stamp Duma.

      • John Konop says:

        Obama wants the fight via immigration , like with heath care and minimum wage …..When someone wants to fight in general you should step back and think about it……If the GOP takes the bait….Than Hillary will define the election around the above and women… 16. If that is the fight the GOP will see a wipe-out in 16.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Our US history is peppered with those in control opening doors, loosing control and trying to reverse it. Manifest Destiny might have been a bit pushy but the “receiving” population was not expected to support the pioneers, just get out of their way.

    Green cards for those with jobs and families is the right thing, allowing those to stay that are here for the public programs, granted or stolen via unenforced fraud is wrong.

    • saltycracker says:

      When I hear the Feds say the state has no say in sh*t, I am reminded the first time I heard that card played. It was Florida suing Amtrak in the late ’80’s. At that time Amtrak had no waste disposal system and excrement was flushed directly out – in the case – into the St. John’s river crossings and sometimes on unsuspecting fisherfolks. Congress passed legislation that usurped the authority of any state to file civil or criminal charges against the rail service. Yes, the Feds held they had the right to sh*t on us. And they prevailed but the media helped get Amtrak to do the right thing and outfit trains with waste retention tanks.

      It takes Congress a long time to do right.

  3. newby says:

    Kingston has it right. If you doubt that the American people think so you might want to check the election results and where candidates who won stood on this issue.

  4. newby says:

    David C, you might want to look at Obama’s approval ratings with the American people. They are in the 40’s. If the election were held today he would lose. He did lose as a matter of fact and by a large margin in the election on November 4th. It was a vote to stop him and this Executive Order. Part of the reason was his invite to all those Central American folks to come to America. Now the taxpayers will pay their bills. He has given them refugee status now and will be bringing their parents here. No, the American people do not want that and they want the border sealed.

    • benevolus says:

      Congress’ approval rating is in the teens.
      Obama did not lose. He is still President. Congresspersons who won have to deal with the President they have, not the one they want.
      The Obama administration has deported more immigrants than GW Bush.
      Obama asked for more money to help control the border and the House has not voted on it.

      This is a good discussion to have, but it should be in the context of facts and reality.

  5. Michael Silver says:

    Its pretty obvious what Obama and Democrats want to do in light of their election loss: Dilute the voting strength of self-reliant Americans with people who will vote for Democrat and their government dependency policies.

        • xdog says:

          How do you square your belief with the Senate’s passage of an immigration reform bill (with 68 votes as I recall) just last year? Or polls showing widespread support for reform among voters, business and religious groups? If House leadership had bucked tpers and other xenophobes we’d have a bill today and gopers could have declared victory. It’s a matter of governing versus demagoging.

          btw, you don’t boost your case by casting the argument as self-reliant versus dependent, not unless you prefer demagoging too.

          • Michael Silver says:

            How do you square your belief with the Senate’s passage of an immigration reform bill (with 68 votes as I recall) just last year?

            MS: Big Government Republicans share the same goal as Obama, especially the Republicans in the Senate. They want a dependent class ruled by the friends of the Chamber of Commerce. Its all about personal power and greed for them, not our national interest. John McCain is the worst in this regard and everyday I’m grateful he is not our President.

            Or polls showing widespread support for reform among voters, business and religious groups?

            MS: I’m not surprised by the business and religious groups. They support Amnesty/Legalization/Open Borders for different but similar reasons

            The businesses and Chamber of Commerce want cheap third world labor with the benefits of operating in the US. In my job, I’m exposed to the “joys” of doing business in India. Sure labor is cheap there but everything else is either expensive or a major hassle to accomplish. If you work with Indians long enough, you’ll see that even though their wages are less than an American’s, the Indians are overpaid for what they deliver.

            The churches are seeking congregants to fill their pews and collection plates. Americans are running away from the liberal agenda pushed by the Church (all denominations).

            Regarding the voters, is that the same polls that accurately predicted the run-offs for Senate and Governor here in Georgia?

            • xdog says:

              I agree with your view on McCain. The rest of your analysis, as best I can follow it, not so much. It’s hard to see what your point is with all the talk about Indians, cheap labor, and congregants. In fact, you don’t make much more of a case than in your first post when you were talking about self-reliance.

              There is an immigration problem in the US that needs attention. Senators worked hard to get a bill with wide-spread support but a loud minority blocked action with threats of reprisals. You might believe that’s preferred action. Then go ahead and make your case instead of reflexively blaming donks for inaction.

              • newby says:

                McCain is on board with fighting the President’s Executive order giving amnesty according to a report I heard today. Only 14 Republicans voted for the Senate Bill and some of them have distanced themselves from it. Rubio for one. It was a bad Bill and should have died a quick death. It did in the House thank goodness. They have some brains and some backbone. If you want to talk about legal immigration then you might have some support. Illegal immigration is called illegal for a reason. They broke into our country. The end…

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