Wingfield: Why Do We Elect Our School Superintendent?

Rep Mike Dudgeon broached the subject of the changing the way we (s)elect our State School Superintendent before the election.  In fact, it’s been a relatively quiet discussion point for years.  The AJC’s Kyle Wingfield weighs in with a column today, and he makes an excellent point about where the power of the State School Super really lies:

Here, in its entirety, is what the Georgia Constitution has to say about what the state school superintendent does:

“There shall be a State School Superintendent, who shall be the executive officer of the State Board of Education,” and “the General Assembly shall prescribe the powers (and) duties” of the office.

That’s it.

There are more references in the Constitution to the fact the superintendent is elected than what he or she actually does after being elected. Legislators have indeed given this office certain duties: chiefly, to carry out the policies of the state school board, whose members are appointed by the governor.

Read the rest here.  Then discuss whether those “powers and duties” need to be addressed by the Georgia General Assembly even before 2018.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    I fully believe that this needs to be an appointed position. This position is so dependent on the Governor’s office and the General Assembly. If people are worried about wanting their voice heard, then let the GA House confirm the appointment.

    From Wingfield’s article, Georgia is in the minority for electing the position. Obviously, the Federal Secretary of Education is also appointed through confirmation.

    Besides Georgia, only a dozen other states elect their state school superintendents. The rest, including many of the nation’s highest-performing states educationally, have superintendents who are appointed by the governor.

  2. Charlie says:

    And, let me once again post the disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Governor Deal. The GA Constitution doesn’t allow for the legislature to “un-elect” someone. Any new School Super would have to be appointed/selected after the 2018 elections, and would be by whomever the voters elect at that time.

  3. BuddyFreeze says:

    I’m sure Mike Dudgeon who receives big bucks from the PRO-CC lobby just coincidentally came up with this novel idea the day Richard Woods won his election in a landslide with more votes then Governor Deal did and this has nothing to do with losing his gravy train. Such a constitutional scholar looking out for the precious state of Georgia.

    • Charlie says:

      Please define “receives big bucks from the Pro-CC lobby”.

      This is not a suggestion. My guess is you’ve just committed libel, and thus your ability to continue posting here depends on it.

  4. BuddyFreeze says:

    PTPSF – 1/13/14 – $500
    PTPST – 1/10/13 – $1000
    AFC – 11/18/13 – $500
    AFC – 1/05/12 – $500
    AFC – 9/4/12 – $2500
    Walmart – 8/27/12 – $500
    Friends of Jan Jones – 11/27/10 – $1000
    e-Learning Technologies Co. – 5/3/10 – $250

  5. BuddyFreeze says:

    AFC is the American Federation of Children is heavily funded by Jeb Bush and his Foundation for Excellence in Education

  6. BuddyFreeze says:

    ‘It isn’t so much that the Common Core Zealots are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.’

  7. BuddyFreeze says:

    Jan Jones is an entry point. She takes in most of the big donations from these PRO-CC groups and funnels them to who needs the $

    Since she isn’t on an Ed committee no one notices. And if you look at her ethics reports she gets big donations from these same groups.. Get a report from “Friends of Jan Jones” It’s all there.

  8. BuddyFreeze says:

    Here is Jan Jones, just a quick scan from a NON-ELECTION YEAR
    June 30th 2013
    GAE $1000
    PTPSF $2500
    GAE $500
    AFC $500
    Education Management $500 (PA)

    DECEMBER 31 2013
    K-12 Management $2500
    WAlmart $500

    It is big bucks when you look at all donations very rarely do you get ANY donations over $500.

  9. BuddyFreeze says:

    Jan 2014
    WAlmart $500
    Georgia Chamber $1000 (HUGE PRO-CC)
    StudentsFirst $1000
    AFC $1500

    March 2014
    GE $1000

    State Farm $1000

    September 2014
    AFC $1000
    GE $1500
    WAlmart $1000

    December 2014
    State Farm $1000

    Now, look thru contributions given from her to the education legislators and I bet the numbers add up. I just haven’t had time to do it! If she doesn’t sit on the Ed Committee WHY is she getting more PRO-CC donations than Dudgeon?

    She gets the money and filters it to Dudgeon, Coleman and Fran Millar (Millar sits on the Senate Ed Committee)

  10. BuddyFreeze says:

    Having a tough seeing how this is libelous? It’s all there in black and white. Either way I’ll be expecting a prompt expulsion from PeachPundit because this is really messing with some well established narratives. We will see who can take it as well as dish it out.

  11. BuddyFreeze says:

    Small oversight on my point. I guess Jan Jones is on the Ed Committee either way she’s still funneling money.

    • Will Kremer says:

      BuddyFreeze, could you not combine all of that into one post? You don’t need a separate comment for each facet of your rebuttal to Charlie. You are unnecessarily muddying up the comments. Not cool.

      • BuddyFreeze says:

        If they didn’t have the stupid countdown to edit or delete comments I would. I probably should of put it on a Word document first but I’m on the clock for my rebuttal. Not knowing when my plug will be pulled. Either way it’s a perfect excuse to be kicked out of Peach Pundit don’ ya think?

  12. BuddyFreeze says:

    Either way, Jan Jones didn’t join the committee until 2013 the $1,000 donation which I first cited from Friends of Jan Jones was from 2010.

    • Charlie says:

      It took 18 comments for that.

      Let me sum it up for you:

      You’re delusional.

      Not libelous, but delusional.

      Thanks for playing. Let’s leave politics to the adults now.

        • Charlie says:

          And I got the answer. And I consider anyone that believes that those are 1) “big bucks” and 2) That’s enough to make Dudgeon start a crusade against someone despite the evidence that Dudgeon has been working on this prior to Woods even qualifying for the office, much less winning it – plus taking 20 comments to say that, I believe I can assess that he may be delusional without committing libel either.

          • seenbetrdayz says:

            You added them together, right?

            $1,000 from Wal-Mart is not a big deal. Throw in $1,000 bucks from him, $500 from her, it, them, those guys and a host of others does add up. But, that’s assuming that anyone actually cares who funds who, and of course, they don’t.

            Plus, you have to remember we’re buying State Reps here. If someone offered a paltry $500 check to a Federal Rep., they’d be told to jump off a cheesecake bridge.

              • seenbetrdayz says:

                Of course not. Wal-Mart’s ‘legislative objectives’ typically involve getting property tax breaks from county commissioners to build a new site, that aren’t available to anyone else. Why on earth would anyone suspect Wal-Mart of trying to influence a state committee member to do something?

                Someone’s delusional alright.

                • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

                  Did you pay attention to his ‘body of work’? Recently equating ‘pro common core zealots’ with ‘baby killers’. Prior to that several reams of plagiarized arguments from other websites without attribution. Even here he was obviously begging for the boot, so why not give him his delusional martyrdom?

  13. BuddyFreeze says:

    Heavy on the snark, ad hominem attacks and insults but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Charlie Harper. All in all he’s just another brick in the wall….But, that’s ok I’m a big boy and I can take it and I welcome it. The point is he’s actually taking money from these organizations. Why do you think these groups are giving him money? It’s not a stretch to assume they like what he’s doing and they like how he votes and what he thinks about Common Core. These groups are trying to INFLUENCE HIM and like most politicians they will play to their donors and Mike Dudgeon has done just that. I’ve provided you the website count up the money over the years and draw your own conclusions.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Well, obviously, as Charlie has so convincingly stated, they’re giving money because it doesn’t mean anything, it isn’t much, and/or you’re delusional. No corporation or lobbying group ever gives money to government folk while expecting something in return. That’s just preposterous. Never has, never will. They do it because, well, they don’t want politicians to go hungry, I guess.

      Unless . . . Charlie would care to share his thoughts on why they’re funding Mike. I mean, let’s hear the ‘non-delusional’ answer as to why the money goes where it goes. We’ve ruled out influence as any possible motive, because as stated, that’s just silly and politicians would never be influenced by money.


      It’s gonna be a long 2 years with Charlie starting his, ‘defend all things GOP at all costs’ routine already. I’ve practically already forgotten the arrogance of the Dems just a week ago when they thought they had everlasting power.

      Ol’ Icarus is headed for the sun again.

    • John Konop says:


      Is Walmart part of the agenda 21/Muslim Brotherhood/Rockefellers/trilateral commission….. group promoting Common Core? What is the secret handshake for the group? Do you have any links showing how the groups all work together and really support Common Core? Why would they work together?

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Oh come on now John.

        It wouldn’t hurt the GOP to show a little bit of skepticism whenever a major corporation starts tossing money at a politician. I mean, you jest that this is all some kooky conspiracy theory. So, let me present it to you in a way that makes it more plausible:

        Which sounds more delusional:

        1) Walmart et. al donate to Mike Dudgeon because they seek to benefit financially if Common Core comes to fruition

        2) Walmart et. al donate to Mike Dudgeon because they genuinely care about the success of kiddies across GA. I guess you could call that compassionate conservatism corporatism.

        If it’s tough to try to decide between one or the other, then lets not pretend that Buddy’s claims are all that far-fetched.

        • Charlie says:

          Well, if you 1) Can’t distinguish the difference between Wal-Mart and the Walton Foundation, and 2) You think the biggest corporate interest of Wal-Mart in Georgia is Common Core, then I’m still going to go with you and BuddyF are the delusional ones.

          I’ll leave you to your tinfoil now while I go have a weekend.

      • BuddyFreeze says:


        Ad hominem attacks and using fringe kooks who don’t represent the vast majority of voters as straw men and setting them on fire. You guys are the ones living on fantasy island creating out of thin air that some how Common Core was all started by Sony Perdue. Yes the country was so impressed with Georgia being 45th in the nation in education LOL. Keep your smears coming I can do this all day. Keep selling your dog food and convincing us it’s Filet Mignon. Your house of cards will fall and I will be there sitting in my lawn chair sipping my High Ball and watching with great satisfaction you crash and burn.

        • John Konop says:


          ……Your house of cards will fall and I will be there sitting in my lawn chair sipping my High Ball and watching with great satisfaction you crash and burn……..

          How will you pay for the high ball?

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