Tim Bryant: Rountree Responds To Padgett

The showdown appropriately dubbed Party vs Pollsters has a new development.

Mark Rountree of Landmark Communications, a well known pollster and Republican activist, responded to Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett’s denouncement of pollsters in Georgia. Padgett named both Rountree and fellow pollster Matt Towery of InsiderAdvantage when stressing the importance of accurate polling on Tim Bryant’s show earlier this week.

In this morning’s Newsmakers program on WGAU, Bryant invited Rountree to respond. His interview is below.

Rountree made it very clear: His job is not to talk about what he thinks will happen, but to shoot straight and give true numbers. Indeed, Rountree insists the last poll he conducted was the most accurate. Radio host Tim Bryant pointed out that the final Landmark poll was the only poll to have Governor Deal and David Perdue above 50%. With the margin-of-error at 2.5%, Rountree claims it accurately predicted Tuesday’s outcome.

When asked about his earlier polling in August which indicated Nunn had a 6 point advantage to Perdue, Rountree explained that it was a snapshot in time. Perdue had won a bruising primary victory and had not coalesced Republicans. Meanwhile, Nunn walked into the election without viable opposition. The August poll quantified Republican sentiment after the lengthy primary runoff.

When Georgia’s 12 Congressional District came up in conversation, Rountree mentioned he was the only person to poll that election and his poll accurately showed Allen beating Barrow. He pointed out Padgett and the Party relied on candidate driven polling which tests messaging and how well the candidate is preforming.

Citing the end of the election, Mark Rountree challenged Chairman Padgett and the Georgia Republican Party to release their polling with crosstabs.


  1. fran millar says:

    I have known Mark for over 16 years. He is a true professional and I can attest to his credibility in accurate forecasting. It is easy to take shots after the fact – look at GA Democrats. As Republicans we need to build on our successes and improve our outreach to minorities, young people(under 50), and women. Let’s all keep Rick Richardson in our prayers.

  2. John Konop says:

    Mark Roundtree is an expert not a politician…..I bet on the experts…not the spin masters trying to keep their job….If the GOP buys the BS…..good luck in the future….A mirror check sometimes is not easy for big ego people…..

  3. John Konop says:

    One more thing…..GOP talks about running stuff like a business….I got news for you if your margins drop by 50% in 4 years you would be looking for a new job! The board would hire someone with a new plan! This BS about margins do not matter sounds good if you are holding hands and singing campfire songs…But in the business world it is about the bottom line trend….If you trend bad your value hits the tank…and it is new job time…But hey sing songs if you want and watch the Barney show…..


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