Morning Reads Last Chance to Join the Bandwagon

All the experts are saying GSU will be March’s juggernaut. Join the bandwagon now or never.

Autumn Leaves from Miles Davis. 

  1. What will David Perdue be like qua Senator?
  2. Somewhat related… the new AJC website is so much better than that dumpster fire they had before. Still a mess on mobile devices, though and still short of its potential.
  3. Possible corruption in University System of Georgia. 
  4. Atlanta Federal Reserve Jobs Calculator says full employment possible by spring. 
  5. GPB prez says politics played no part in WRAS takeover; again puts all blame on their “partner” GSU for any bad publicity. 
  6. Truly the cinematic cannon has been elevated again; Atlanta helped. 
  7. ATLiens will spend less on Christmas gifts this year. 
  8. Atlanta-based ICE will control the price of gold. Sort of.
  9. Neat profile on R. Thomas. 
  10. This very sweet story from Wendell Brock left me in tears. 
  11. If you take the Nick out of Nick’s, will it still be Nick’s? 
  12. My proudest moment in life was making Nick smile. He quickly realized what he had done and then walked away.


  1. notsplost says:

    I hope you are being sarcastic about the AJC web site. If it was a “dumpster fire” before, I am not sure what to call it now … maybe a raging 10-alarm multi-block inferno?

    Way too many graphics, photos of celebrities and “click bait.” Politico also ruined their site recently, so it seems to be a trend.

    • saltycracker says:

      Eds first three points and 2 ajc pay to see links suggest he is just selling subscriptions, not being sarcastic.

      • notsplost says:

        And that may work – the web site is so unusable I might have to pony up for a subscription to the old print edition.

        • Will Durant says:

          I thought the chosen format was deliberate to force everyone to the pay site. I’ll go elsewhere for AP stories and the local stories worth reading are too scarce to tempt me to come up off of the wallet.

    • Baker says:

      I was thinking same thing. I thought the old site was alright. This new thing is like one of those spam-ish sites that aggregate all those silly things you see on Facebook, like clickhole or something. I have a myajc subscription but wow, if you didn’t it’s near unusable now.

      • Ed says:

        Let me be clear: the new one isn’t great, it is still bad but it is so much cleaner than it was before. Plus their search “function” just did not work at all. And, like, did any of you try to read stuff on mobile devices previously? The photos wouldn’t load. things would be way at the bottom of pages because things didn’t display well.

        I think the sites problems are because 1) they still don’t really know what they are doing online and 2) even if they did they don’t have any money.

        • Baker says:

          I didn’t use the old site on mobile really. Not at all.

          You’d think they might have the wherewithal to have a responsive design to where they didn’t need to ruin the one site for it to work alright on mobile devices. But then that is where your two points come in.

  2. John Konop says:

    I sound like a broken record on this issue for years….This is real problem we must look at. It is dragging the economy with debt loads creating less spending ability for graduates. And this will be a massive bailout with no real money to pay for it. Student loan debt is higher than credit card debt. Tax payers are on the hook for a lot of it….

    Quarter of millennials think student debt will be forgiven

    ……..That could be a lot of accumulated debt, considering the average amount of cumulative student debt for undergraduates in the class of 2012 was $26,885, according to a recent Pew Research report. (And the average debt for 2013 graduates is expected to be even higher.)

    “It’s a scary statistic,” said Jack Kosakowski, president of Junior Achievement, which co-sponsored the Ypulse survey. ..

  3. TheEiger says:

    “Quarter of millennials think student debt will be forgiven” And that is one of many reason millennials are just stupid.

  4. Noway says:

    Any comments from PP posters on the Jonathan Gruber video calling Americans ‘stupid” that admitted to lying to Americans to pass ObamaCare? Nothing on major networks…I’m not surprised.

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